​MY SONG REVIEW: SAY YES by Michelle ft Beyonce and Kelly

Nigerian have rocked “when Jesus says yes…” for decades! We grew up with this song, singing it every morning and night, miming it in the Children department of our Churches. It was always followed with another song “Jesus is a mighty God” and we sang this songs then with strong faith in the power of Jesus to cause changes.


Suddenly, we seemed to have overgrown the song. Other songs came in. Michelle got hold of it, beckoned on the old “Destiny Child” team to do it justice. Today, we have this song back, with nice rhythm, powerful verses and very strong message. Not minding the characters behind the making of this song and the controversies they are battling with, we cannot sing “when Jesus say yes” without adding “am not worried by a thing”.


I am not a fan of Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly.

In fact, when “say yes” was released, I had to argue with a brother in our Choir then and I opined that Christians shouldn’t patronise the song. In fact, it was to clear some of my misconceptions that the young man I was arguing with had to send me the video.


After watching the video, I haven’t stopped watching… Not about the video but the lyrics which is so strong about the person of Jesus. Its been years, the song already made waves, it already enjoyed its share of criticism, acceptance and rejection especially by Christians who feels that “Satanists” are trying to find their way into the Church. Satanists? That’s what people said they are… 


Yes I agree… Many Beyonce’s videos are sexually explicit. I don’t buy or watch out for them but we are in a world where we don’t look for trouble, it looks for us! However, her involvement in this video doesn’t give me concern… It even makes me smile because “every tongue shall confess the Lordship of Christ”, she did it not under compulsion but willingly.


I had to look out for other songs by Michelle and my curiosity was satisfied. ” Say Yes” is part of her album “Journey to Freedom” and I have already gotten all the tracks… Since morning I have been playing them and I have been lifted by them. Michelle said in an interview concerning “Journey to Freedom” that it is her own way of preaching the gospel of Jesus! Michelle is one person who doesn’t do frequent release of songs and we hope her next release will keep spreading the name of Jesus!


If Beyonce, Michelle, Kelly Rolland and the other one preached Jesus… I gat to keep talking about Jesus! You don’t have to be a Pastor to tell the world that “JESUS IS THE FINAL ANSWER”. Another favourite track from the album “Journey of Faith” is “Believe in Me” and “Fire”. Let’s leave that for another day.


I am George… I am just a Christian.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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