5:23am – My eyes are heavy… I mean very heavy! 



12:00am – I had rushed over some works, wrote some articles, replied to questions, checked my Facebook notifications and smiled at the mattress as if to say “am coming to you sweetie”.


I had laid hands off my Tablet. It will sleep and I will too  but the lights came! If you are an addicted sleeper, you will not always enjoy the services of NEPA…. What is that their new name again? Someone should remind me… The fan was active, doing justice to the sudden hotness that filled the room. I got up from the seat, looked at the mattress and looked at the way that leads to the bathroom. It was like a battle or perhaps temptation would be the better word.


I heard the mattress whisper “come and rest”, I perceived the smell of the water in the bathroom… Have you experienced it? Don’t say I am lying. On a second thought, I decided to go to the bathroom and freshen up!


Harmattan had suddenly gone on a temporal leave. I hoped it doesn’t return anytime so soon. For the time I had spent in the bathroom, it was nowhere to be found. I didn’t have to make counts before pouring water on my body. Someone is thinking about using the shower right? We live in a house built around 90s or even before then. Do you expect such house to have a working shower? So… I enjoyed the waters rain down my body from the little bowel I used. I don’t know… But  I enjoyed the bathroom trip, I wish there was more water to pour! When you put to consideration where this water is being fetched from, you will have to learn the economics of water.


My romance with the water ended, I drew my towel, wiped my body, tied it to my waist like “mpa mmadu” and dashed into the room. The little laptop greeted me and reminded me that “you’ve got just few days to spend with me” and just then I realised I had been wasting time. I rushed my shorts and a T-Shirt… This time, I could sense the harmattan blow from afar, it should have been too insignificant to be noticed but because I just came out of the bathroom, it was giving me some “tingling” signals. My eyes moved to the laptop, it indicated “charging” which left positive curves on my face. Its study time, BaesBoos Time, George’s Diary Magazine Time and lots more. The mattress had ignored me knowing very well that I am ready to cheat on her this night with the laptop and chair. I did.




5:59am – Many things you see us do with ease took us all the nights to study or work on. The night is bae when work is boo! My romance with the laptop and chair didn’t end well. The mattress was agitating and the night called me in the morning. I have to answer. 




8:59 – Good morning.





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