One of the knots ravaging our societal values today is the fight for pertinence. Have you ever seen a girl post nude on the social network? You must have! She wants to stand out, she wants to be relevant and she feels its the amount of likes and comments she gets that marks her result on being relevant. Have you seen a guy join cults to cause mayhem? You must have! He probably thought or was taught that as long as his prowess is felt by others, he has automatically become relevant in the society. Societal morals are on the decline and moral decadence is becoming the norm! The definition of relevance is almost getting lost as the clock ticks and people are deceived into thinking that relevance has any thing to do with being noisy! Do not forget in a jiffy that in noise, nothing has been communicated. 


People do all lots of things just to garner the approbation of the masses! This has always been the tactics our politicians used to climb the seat of power and commit abominations. Sometimes, the masses are turned blind that they are unable to decipher light from darkness! No wonder, this tactics is the devil’s favourite. Jesus disclosed the very secret through the Apostles. Paul noted that the devil appears as an angel of light… Why? He is in search for approval too! He wants to matter too! All that glitter has always proven not to be gold!


While people keep running over themselves for relevance, the silent ones always wins the race. Silence not in the sense of being speechless or inactive but in the sense of being who they are, not minding who feels alright with them! Jesus didn’t fight for relevance… He fought for a purpose and gained relevance!


While others are busy looking for dubious means of gaining cheap popularity, we must be cognisant of the unpopular truth that popularity and relevance are two different things all together. Only those who run with a purpose in humility and sincerity reaches the top. It may take time but they always get there! Being pertinent means being responsible, it entails having that passion of a world changer running round your spine! 


Don’t join the fight… Do your thing… Let your result blow your trumpet!





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