After studying my eyes and bagging Masters Degree in Myeyeology, I have come to agree with the view that my eyes joins in the queue of the biggest eyes in this world. Still wondering why the Guinness Book of Records hasn’t taken record of that, perhaps there should be Coca-Cola Book of Records for people like us. I have very big eyes and sometimes they turn a bit red. I have always been asked by concerned people “do you smoke?” and I would always wave, smile and reply “nah… But I am high”.

Back in those days when inferiority complex was winning, I was surrounded with people whose mantra is “your eyes is big” and in my closet I would curl in worries and ask God why He designed me the way He did. One of my secondary school teachers had stood me up in the view of everyone including my crush to say “everything about you is big, your head, your nose, your eyes, your mouth and even your trousers…” his drollery had ignited laughter and chuckles in the classroom. I was narked not just by the teacher’s jest but by the laughter that followed it. My crush then was laughing too and I ceded the quest to make my intentions known to fate. The teacher popularly known as “Massacre” looked into my face and I sneered looking away from him. 


One afternoon, I was in the canteen to buy “pure water” and Massacre walked up to me, he tapped me on the shoulder and his face had a grin that even made me angrier. He made fun of me, why should he be happy? I wished I could send some punch invisibly to his face… I know it wasn’t possible, if only the world was like Nollywood, I’d be smiling!


“You see” he began without minding if I was looking or not “sometimes, we don’t tell people how beautiful they are because their heads will blow off. I don’t want your head to blow off!” he didn’t wait for a reply; he tapped my shoulder again and left. I couldn’t tell if it was a shock or not but I stood still for some minutes as his words kept resounding in my head! No matter what had betided, I decided to be careful enough not to over-exaggerate the meaning those words were making to me and I thought that perhaps he was only looking for ways to apologize without losing his ego… While it seemed beyond every reasonable doubt to be true I had a cause to smile that afternoon.


Life continued on the fate of people’s verdict because I allowed their words to matter! But suddenly, there was a turn around. I stopped seeing myself from the spectrum of people’s opinion; I stopped learning about myself from the diapason of crowds surrounding me. It all bolted from the day I unambiguously got myself surrounded with the right people. While I don’t need to talk about the YAC ministry here, I’d like to editorialize that I would have been the way I used to be if I had not met the conglomerate of sweethearts known as Yackites! How I gradually trekked out of inferiority complex still serves as a surprise on my table. I just broke out!


Breaking out from the shackles of exaggerated aggressiveness, I saw myself seeing life differently. Yes! It all became different the moment I started believing different. I questioned myself on reasons why one has to live with other people’s definition of life. Who even told them what beauty looks like… Okay, perhaps you’d argue that majority agrees on what beauty looks like but wait a minute… this is not the first time the world has agreed on a wrong thing. There are lots of things majority has agreed on and such agreements have only done more harm than good. Talk about sex, doesn’t majority agree that premarital sex is relevant? Is it? Your heart knows the truth. 


I only realized that life makes the meaning you choose; I discovered that we all own that right to define our life, our body, our relationships and all other stuffs! I decided not to chose “handsome” as my definition but to go for “beauty”. We were once told that when a boy is said to be beautiful, it means he is more than handsome! Beauty doesn’t tell me how to look like, I tell beauty what to look like… Beauty looks like me. If you are angry, find the nearest river and swim!


My eyes… I still agree that they are very big but then those eyes are the most beautiful part of my body… 


Today, I don’t quiver to make claims to my beauty not because people agree but because it’s me who says who I am.


God bless you.


I am George and I am just a Christian.





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