It melts again and again to that point where we admit to ourselves but sometimes lie to the public like we don’t really care. I know lots of these “jim-jim” brethren who squeeze their ears not to hear my “romance” stuff! Well, let me admit at this point that those “holy” brethren are the reason I started using that word “ROMANCE” carelessly! 


Why will “brother” sit in the corner of the church, admiring a sister and never get to open up to anyone about his feelings? Many times, it is because he feels guilty for admiring a sister. Other times he feels that opening up would murder his integrity and perhaps make him less “born again”.  


Why will a “sister” always become suspicious of negative motives when a “brother” seeks for her attention or show her some concerns that suggest “I am interested”? It is because she has received a distorted orientation of what attraction does. She has also been deceived to visibly do away with the men she doesn’t like but still go in secret to do the abominable. They are public virgins but secret perverts. This is not who they want to become but what the ideas of the world have turned them into.


I just wish people can have excursions in my brain for them to be able to understand my supposed “childish antics”… That is what some charlatans have branded some of my writings especially when it has to do with sex, love, marriage and so on.


One of the ways to increase immorality is by redefining what morality means into something else! That is exactly what turned the green world into a red zone. God made this world very simple but we introduced our own complications and in a way to solve the problems it has created, we ended up making it much more complicated.


Some of these problems were created by religion; it sprang forth from supposed “pull pits”. I have wondered what is being pulled from these pits. As a youth leader who has been actively involved in youth ministries, I was able to witness these things myself! When a young person meets an elder for advice, the first thing they proffer to these young ones isn’t “flee from sexual immorality” but “flee from people of opposite sex!” These days that same sex affair is on the increase from who do you ask people to flee? Yes, I admit that friendship with the opposite sex must be done with wisdom and some caution. The energy we wasted trying to restrict people would have been enough to educate them right!


Sexual immorality has always been terrible but we have sponsored its increase with all of the restrictions we have set up. When a lady and gent is seen discussing privately, it is assumed that they are saying “that thing!” 


I started talking about these things because I am tired of the deceit many people are living in! We try to claim how comfortable we are, we try to claim that eagles don’t fly in numbers and therefore we don’t need friends around… Let me ask you… Are you an Eagle? Did the bible say you will fly because you are an eagle? No! The Bible says you will fly like an eagle and not as an eagle! And the Bible wasn’t suggesting you will alone like an eagle, it is simply talking of speed!


When a young man beckons on you as a woman, what goes on your mind at that moment? Whatever it is, it is usually determined by what you have been fed with while growing up! As a young man, when a woman gives you attention what do you think? Whatever you think is determined by your perception of life. 


Learn to be positive… Learn to spill it out and learn to be wise too!


I am coming back.





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