The essence of your spiritual exercises is to always stay attentive and be conscious of God!


Fasting doesn’t change God, it changes you. It helps you retain the consciousness of your spirit. The body is what demands for food, the body comes with lots of distractions. When you fast, you’re denying your body it’s voice! It helps you stay connected with your spirit! Fasting doesn’t make God feel sorry for you… It has nothing to do with God’s willingness to do something. It affects your spiritual antenna and makes you stay attentive to the voice of the Spirit!


Sometimes, we hear news of people going on a hunger strike to protest against the policies of the leaders of the government or an institution. They do this to show how serious they are or how angry they are. Some Christians thinks this is also the case with God! No, fasting is simply a way of showing your flesh how serious what you are fasting for is to you! Fasting isn’t just about food, it is about leaving every distraction behind, including sex, for married ones! Paul talked about sex-fast in 1 Corinthians 7:5 and he wrote


“Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”


From the reason he gave for his admonition, it was for devotion to prayer. There are lots of things we do that always distract us from communicating properly with God! Those things are what we decide to keep away for sometime to enable us have special time with God!


Because of the time we spend with God during fasting, we seem to hear more and get more revelation! Many times, people get healed during fast, not because God was moved by their fasting, but because they got revelations that set them free! The Bible says in John 8:32 that it is the truth we know that sets us free!


People who put confidence in their ability to fast or pray ends up pushing God away because they now have faith in their fast and not in God! Fasting isn’t about God but about you! Jesus told a story of two people who came to pray, one had trust in his own righteousness and ability to do religious stuff! The other had faith in God! Both of them were doing the same thing… They were praying! But both of them came with different mentality…. They ended up getting different results. One was able to receive from God and the other wasn’t able because he trusted himself! (Luke 18:1-12)


There is a particular place in the Bible that people get confused. This is where Jesus said some demons cannot be casted out except with fasting! (Mark 9:29) and people assume that Jesus was saying we need to fast in order to acquire more powers necessary for casting out demons! No! That is not in any way what Jesus was saying! He already told them earlier in Mark 3:15 saying
“I have given you authority to drive out demons”
Look at that! He didn’t say “some demons” or “many demons”, he said  “demons” which means all of them put together.


But how come He also said some demons can only be casted out with fasting and prayer? That is because it is a time of setting ourselves apart from distractions to focus on God and His word! It is in the course of this that faith is built. When we spend time with God, we receive more knowledge that entails more freedom! In the place of fasting, you don’t become powerful, you realise the powers have you already have!


Next time you fast and pray, don’t think you’re on a hunger strike! Don’t think you’re going to force God into doing something! That mentality alone, corrupts the whole exercise.





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