​My people…


If you’re in a relationship and you still tell people that you’re not dating thereby making them think you’re “available”… You have a serious problem, that is the meaning of unfaithfulness! Your kind can get married and still deceive people that you aren’t married! If you don’t want people to know that you’re in a relationship, then you don’t have to really be in a relationship!


One of the reason why people lie about their relationships is because they are afraid of the unknown, they are afraid that their present relationship will not work out and they hope to use someone else as spare! But… Who wants to be a spare? If you aren’t sure of a relationship, you aren’t sure of yourself!


For me, unfaithfulness in a relationship aside marriage isn’t sex! Sex shouldn’t be there in the first place. It is lies and deceit, it is the betrayal of trust! Everyone wants to be appreciated and you can’t be in a relationship with someone and still deny your are in a relationship. Even if you don’t want to make it public, you can still agree you’re in a relationship without having to say who he or she is. It shows you respect and honour that relationship.

Certain people are very sure that their relationship isn’t going anywhere and they still stick to it. We are in a perverted world where sex is as nice as football! Many people are in relationships not to build the future together but to have sex and that’s all! Most times, it is this kinds of people who deny they are in a relationship because they know it is leading to no where! But then, why should they be in it in the first place? Is sex really worth it on that level? 


A lady once told me how she wants me to be her friend and how she admires me. I don’t have a problem with ladies telling me how they feel about me. While some people thinks it is not supposed, I am just not the “people said” type. However, I had some problem with this lady in particular because she came for something terrible. When she said she wants us to be friends, I was careful enough to ask her what she expects of our friendship and she said she wants someone who is brilliant, someone who can guide her and then someone who can make her “feel like a woman”. I asked her what she meant by that and she said “someone who can have sex with her”. I tried calling her to order but the more I try, the more she tries to lure me into a life I don’t live. I blocked her from my life… Spiritually, physically and digitally.


Do what you can be proud of! If you can’t be proud of a relationship, quit!


If that “single” status is still ‘bae’ to you, please leave that girl or boy alone… Since you’re not ready to click, stop browsing!


Thank you!





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