Hello… You are unique… You can be great in your own way!


Don’t think every leader must be a professional orator like Obama…

Moses was a stammerer but he was the best leader in his time…


Don’t think every president’s wife will be a five star orator like Michelle Obama…

You know about Mrs. Patience Jonathan? She was a 1st lady too…


People may hand over to you shoes that you may not fit into. However, it doesn’t define you! What do you do? Don’t try wearing that shoe… Discard it and get your own shoes!


When you succeed someone who has set record too high for you… Don’t try growing taller! Build your own records from where you are and people will adore you!


Your failure starts the day you started struggling to be like someone else, the day you want to give another man’s speech, the day you want to wear another man’s shoes… Just be you!


No matter how large a shoe is, your small shoes can still stand on the same spot! Why try to be like someone else? Why criticize another for not being like someone?


Don’t get lost thinking of how to fit in, in the shoes someone else left for you! Hey… It’s never your shoes, you are not obliged to wear it! You can find your own shoes that fits your own fashion! 


Those people you want to be like became whatever they were because they believed in themselves, they strongly believed that they were mad for a purpose and they pursued it! What about you? Don’t chase another man’s dreams… Chase yours!


You can only be the best when you are you! No other person can beat you to that! But, when you become someone else, you are lost and even in being that person… You are limited because you are just faking!


Darling… JUST BE YOU!





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