It was supposed to be our date and I had sat there checking my time at random. Several calls that I had put through to her wasn’t connecting but she assured me earlier that she will be there on time.


I wanted it to have a touch of classic romance because it was going to be a special day in my life. I had ordered sweet smelling natural flowers in a beautiful vase, though it wasn’t dark, I didn’t mind setting up two beautiful red candles and a bottle of grape wine. Okay, perhaps I lacked the necessary skill of putting up something that would “wow” her but I sure did my best to draw a little picture of what my heart has become since she came into it.


It was already 3pm and it was beginning to get crowdy. I wanted it to be just us, I wanted her to hear every word on my lips, every beat of my heart and every pulse that runs on my viens. It was an eatery but my table was different. There was no better place around. People who came in would look at my table and smile. I overheard a lady say to her man “I like that… Simple but touching… Once she come in I believe her presence will make it a perfect table”. I smiled but worriedly. I became worried that her number was switched off, I became worried that she might not really show up, I became worried that I will be a mess if I spend the day here without seeing her. 


I forgot to say, it was my birthday and she was just the one person I wanted to spend the day with, it has always been my desire to ask her that one dreaded question many men are afraid to ask. It would open up a whole new life for me, it would cause so many changes and I know it would add some responsibility but I was ready!


I had bent my head with closed eyes to mutter some prayers, I found it difficult to breath and my heart beat was increasing! Just then a very soft and warm heart held my right hand that was placed on the table… It was her! I raised my head with genuine smile.

“You got me worried” I told her

“Am so sorry. Mum sent me on an errand and my battery was flat” she said softly

“I understand dear… But it’s my birthday. It should be my day” I meant to joke but she didn’t think so

“You know… We can be together forever and we will not always have to miss each other” she said


I was surprised! She just said that? She is always very shy but today she was just so different. She would look into my eyes to talk and she didn’t leave my hand! God! Is this a dream? We met so many years ago, I have always loved her from our meeting point and she was too young then, I was much younger too and I thought it would be a terrible thing to distract her with all those “men talk”. I have never really tried talking people into a relationship, it wasn’t my thing but her own case was different. She have always known I admired her but I wasn’t sure if she ever thought it would be a reality. I watched her become a matured lady that could handle the thought of a man without getting distracted.


When she was seated, we talked about life and other normal stuffs we had always talked about. We even talked about her marriage plans and she said she may consent to marriage but “he” must wait till her degree is secured. At times, I wasn’t listening… I was just admiring her beauty, her smile and her personality. She was just so lovely! I noticed she could look at the table, the candles, the flowers and the wine and smile often. When it seemed there was nothing to talk about, I dipped my hand in my pocket to get a box! 

“I want to give you something special” I told her

“What is that?” She smiled

I didn’t reply. I managed to open the box on my laps with my right hand while holding her right hand with my left hand. I didn’t know which hand was perfect but I felt I was doing the right thing. I got the ring, I slid her finger into it


“Sweetheart… I give you my heart. Marry me” I needed no third party to know it was the sweetest thing I ever said to her! I know she wasn’t going to say no but it was a special time for me. She looked at her finger and tears dropped down her eyes.

“I love you George… Yes… I am yours” she said admist tears! I have always questioned why some ladies cry when they are proposed to but I found out myself. I had forgotten people were watching us until they began to clap and cheer us! It wasn’t my plan to have people watch us… I had wanted it to be us.


We were about to toast to our new level of relationship when I heard my father calling me. I yawned into the reality, my bed was heating up, the electricity has been off for days. Normally, I would get sad but this time I wasn’t. At least… I have taken the first step in the dream and she didn’t say no.


Now, I must go after her… Not any kind of woman but my “dream woman”.





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