After praying in the Spirit this morning and enjoying the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit that was so much made manifest, I kept smiling at the fun I had while praying! I had so much fun with God that I never wanted to stop at that moment! I felt God responding to all my requests, I felt Him communicating to my spirit while I prayed in other tongues.


Few minutes after the prayers, I was reading an article about a wife and I suddenly wondered what fun it would be to have a woman who sings with me, prays with me, write with me, read with me and also help bring up the kids to have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. I literally saw us holding hands together and praying in the Spirit as a family! I saw her face, she is so lost in the love of God and I saw my children worshipping God with tears of love flowing down their eyes! For that moment I saw these things… I felt so good! 


I said to God “that’s the woman am getting married to… A praying wife, a lover of God. That’s the children am receiving from you… Young worshippers!”


Then, I start meditating again on “The Praying Spouse”


Anyone considering this part of life as unimportant isn’t wise. You think it doesn’t matter who you end up with? Do know why God discouraged the Israelites from marrying Gentiles who then were idolaters? It is because the person you become one with determines how you end on earth and of course your impact! Take a look at Solomon, it was in the place of worship that he received wisdom and blessings! However, he had a terrible end because he went for “sexy” and “educated” wives instead of a lover of God! He went for “class” instead of going for the “praying woman”. 

Take a look at Ahab, he was a king who fear God, a king who still had reverence for God! But his wife Jezebel was an idolater! He went for a “sexy” woman too, a woman who is trendy! Didn’t you see how it affected his relationship with God?


Many of us are threading on that path! We want “sexy” and “trendy” women, we want people who are presentable at parties, people who we can boast with, people who pride in their achievements… Not people who prides in God! So many mighty men had fallen because their spouse wasn’t a lover of God!


I think it’s time for a rethink! Who are you dating? Who are you courting? Who have you engaged? Who do you associate yourself with?


For me… It’s a lover of God! Nothing less!


Proverbs 31:10-31




http://www.georgesdiary.com.ng | George Onyedika Nnadozie | @georgennad 


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