People argue why the Church should be holding programmes on Valentine’s day… Are they blind? That same day, some world institutions are busy sharing condoms… Do you know how many people those Church events save people from going astray? Do you think young people don’t face pressure? Yes… We face lots of pressure in this world where sex has become a very normal thing for strangers meeting themselves for the first time talk more of those who are dating! That we face pressure doesn’t question if we are truly born again or not… Listen, even matured Christians can be tempted and if care isn’t taken, they fall to it!


Now, by being very involved on valentine’s day, I think the Church is being very strategic! Yes… You heard me! Even God is very strategic! Of all days, why did Jesus chose the day of Pentecost to send the Holy Spirit? It is because at that time, people will gather from so many places! And it worked! Peter was able to win 3000 souls no just because he had the Holy Spirit but because a strategic time was chosen by God to send the Spirit!


The valentine’s season should be one of the most active time for the youth department of every church! If we fail to gather people, the world will gather them! If we fail to instruct and guide people, the world will lead them astray! If we fail to organise people and share the gospel, the world will organise then and share condoms!


Don’t stand there questioning why the Church should be holding programmes on valentine’s day! After all, Paul says we shouldn’t judge people for the day they choose to keep special! For me… This is an injury time! A time the church must not go on break!


It’s not just a time to tell young people to say “no” to sex, it’s also a time to refresh their minds on what love is and what it truly represents! It’s a time to teach them how to love… Most importantly, it’s a time of showing Jesus! The Bible says God is love and the best message we can preach on that day is “God” expressed in Jesus!


What will I be doing tomorrow as a Christian? I will be in Abagana, in a Bar precisely… I will be speaking to various young people especially the students of National Open University of Nigeria, on the love they need… 





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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