Hello Dearest,


It happened to me years back and I walked away…


Don’t hurt yourself and self_esteem trying to please some ungrateful people. Don’t waste your time and resources trying to show someone that you really care when they don’t give a damn about your happiness. Yes you heard me… You are not being selfish, you’re not being wicked or unloving… You’re simply saving your heart from damage, you are saving yourself from regrets and you are saving your resources for someone who needs it.


When you feel something deeper for someone, it’s always good to express it but when the other person feels nothing about you, you need to suppress your own feelings and know that you cannot always get what you want but what you need. Now, let me tell you one beautiful stuff… You don’t need people who doesn’t care about your happiness, people who are not concerned about your future, people who can only call you when they are in need!


When you have fought so hard to prove what someone means to you and he/she still doesn’t care about you, it’s time to switch over! Hold on… You’re wondering what happens to everything you’ve done for them? You’re wondering what happens to what you’ve promised yourself about them? You’re wondering how you go about bearing it? Oh come on… There are other nice people out there… Open yourself to love again, open yourself to see good stuff in people.


My last relationship (in this context)ended in 2010 and since then I have had this fear that rises up in me whenever I want to get serious with someone. Being very emotional, the worst thing that could happen to me is to commit myself to someone who doesn’t care. I was afraid to make myself vulnerable by voicing out my feelings for someone and I decided to just live my life for myself. But then, I have come to know that we must wait for things to get so badly at us before we can walk away from them. I was deeply hurt in the past not because I didn’t see it coming but because I was trying to see if things can still work while I knew nothing was working out.


It’s only in marriage that you continue trying to work things out because you’ve sealed the deal but before marriage, you can still reject those mistakes by knowing when to quit!


A very good friend of mine kept trying to make her relationship work but the young man in her life never cared! He never showed support for her ambitions, he never showed support for anything she does but she deeply wanted him for life. After a long time, she decided to walk away… When she did, she walked into an amazing man! She was glad she walked away from her past relationship.


There are people who doesn’t want you but they can’t tell you! They will keep trying to chase you away with attitude… Are you that kind of person? Why not open up and tell him or her that you don’t care about them? If you don’t love someone, save them the stress and be frank! You take all their gifts, you pretend to be happy around them but you still don’t care… Don’t be worse than the devil!


Are you the one doing all the calling?

Are you the one doing all the caring?

Are you the one doing all the work?

Are you the one trying to build it?

Are you the only one talking?


Perhaps, it’s time to really consider saving yourself the stress! When you try caring and they still don’t care, please just walk away… There are people who loves you so much! People who can do anything to have you… They are the ones that needs you most! Why not consider loving them?


Like Craig David said in his song “walk away from all the troubles”… Do it while you can! Even Jesus said when we preach the good news and they reject us, we should walk away and never look back!


Thank me later…



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