She said “no” to you? Find love somewhere else. She must not say “yes”. Don’t go about spoiling her name and saying all manner of bad things about her because she declined your marriage or friendship proposal. Even if you are a hot cake, it is not everyone that likes hot cake… Some like it when cold.


You gave him attention but he doesn’t want you? Don’t get hurt. Just walk away from every possibility of heart break. Sometimes it is miracle that happen when people refuse you. You may still have ended up not being happy with him of he ever gave you the chance.


I see people say stuffs like “go and make money, she will definitely come after you”… it sounds motivational but it is dangerous. If you are making money just to win someone, your money may end up winning her and the implications is that she belongs to your money and not to you. 


It still boils down to building network of great friends… yes… don’t isolate yourself from people just because you are seeking for a person’s attention. It is in the midst of friendship that you even express yourself better and get to know what you really need. Sometimes we are moved by irrelevant things like “he’s rich… she’s educated”… those things are good but they are not the yardstick!


You were not refused because something is wrong with you or because you are not worth their time. Sometimes it is possibly because you are too good for them. Do you know? In the future, some will regret saying “no” to you. However, it’s important they say “no” so that you can meet the right person. Saying “no” doesn’t make them bad people. You should say “no” too when approached by someone you feel isn’t right for you. But you must know, there is no special person made specifically for you… it is in the cause of relationship that you build what you want.


Are you still crying over rejection? Come on… you are so unique and worth more than you think. Those who refused you may have never known your worth and you don’t need them. If you force them to yourself, they still won’t see the gold in you.


I pray that God connects you to that person who can and will bring out the gold in you…


George Cares…





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