Today as we drove from Port Harcourt, River State to Onitsha, Anambra State, my buttocks was beginning to ache and I felt a need to stand up. However, it wasn’t possible to stand in the bus. No option was left for me than to patiently sit and wait till we arrive Onitsha at whatever time the speed of the bus dictates to us.


My attention was suddenly moved from the ache to the fact that I just had to sit down. Whenever Dad would want to discuss something very important with me, he asks me to sit down. Sometimes it would take only three minutes but he will ask me to sit down first. Why sit down? 


I realised that in the journey of life, you must find time to sit down for sometime. Sitting is a blessing and it is in the place of sitting that we learn life’s biggest lessons. No matter how trained the military is, they can stand for very long hours but they don’t plan for war while standing. They have to sit down, draw their plans and then stand up to execute it. 


We are in a world where everyone is in a rush but they forget that even in the airplanes, you must sit down for the plane to take off… We are too busy walking through every storms and tides, we are busy finding ways to survive and it seems we aren’t getting any result. That is because we wake up everyday, jump out of our bed and begin to engage in unprepared activities.


Just like the discomfort I felt in the bus, it is not always comfortable to sit down especially when it seems there are other stuffs demanding our attention. It can be friends, it can be work, it can be anything but no matter what it is we need to always find time to sit down first and strategically know what approach to follow.


For instance, you don’t just jump into the activities of relationship without sitting down to really study, pray and learn. In a recent marriage lessons I started attending, I was the only male out of the few audience we had. This shows that everyone wants to be in a good relationship but no one wants to sit down and learn how to build a wonderful relationship. What about business? Do you just make investments without sitting down to study how it works? Even when you want to take risk, it takes you some moments of calculations to come up with the option of going further to take risks.


Ask a lady… if she want to look very beautiful at occasions, does she stand and rush over make ups? No… they have to sit down and carefully apply their make ups. I was at the house of a friend one evening and we were getting ready to leave for an evening activity in the churcch when she said to me “wait… I need to make up”. At first I wondered why she can’t just rush over her powder and lipstick so that we can start going… She is beautiful after all. She took some time, sat on the mirror and applied her make ups. When she came out, I loved what I saw but I simply didn’t express it because somethings are always safer when not expressed. I just want to point out that she looked better because she sat down to carefully apply her make up.


Before you take any serious action, you need to sit down first. When you are faced with a fight or circumstances that boils your emotion, have a seat, take cold glass of water and think for some minutes. It will save you from whole lot of mistakes. Many people are living in the consequences of their mistakes because they never sat down to think before they took actions.


Nothing will make more sense than the words Jesus spoke himself saying Luke 14:28 
“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?”
You see that? If you really want to build or establish anything including relationships, business and career, you don’t just start counting the cost while standing. You must sit down first and then begin to count the cost. Don’t get lost in activities, find time to sit down.


I hope my lesson today ministered to you? Learn to sit down first.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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