I got wiser, I got more matured, I got more serious…


It’s expected that today I tell a story about myself. It’s my birthday after all. Well, it may be different this time. I just want to thank God, who has shown me so much love even when it seems I don’t deserve it. In Jesus I was made complete and to this moment the best of me is gradually shinning out.


I want to thank the amazing people God has surrounded me with, I wouldn’t start calling names because it may take a whole lot of pages and I will not be able to note down every names. However, your silence, hails, encouragements, criticism, support and audience have greatly helped me. God has made me perfect but I am learning to act perfect. I may not really have become what you want me to be, I may have disappointed you, I may have wronged you but I will always be a better person everyday. Just be patient with me… Don’t write me off yet.


I am tempted to call names but I am afraid I may miss certain names or never use the words I should use for the names I mention so it’s best not to call names. But believe me… I thank God for every one who has come my way and everyone who has left. 

Thanks to God for my amazing parents, my amazing siblings, the entire YAC family, my friends in Niger Diocese and the pastors God has been using to affect my life positively. I bless God for friends I met through the social media… My best friends happened to have surfaced from these platforms. George’s Diary readers… you are the best! I have great community of friends on the Internet all over the world… Anywhere you are, just know that I love you.


Then… meeting you has been one of the great things that has happened to me. I am not just celebrating my birthday, I am also celebrating you… For being right here in my heart.


Friends… join me to thank God for another year! I need your prayers, your care and your support. Just one word to God concerning me is a great gift for me! 


Let’s Celebrate! 





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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