The above topic sounds very strange for a reason. One is that the earth isn’t a place where people live forever, one must be born to live on earth and everyone must die someday. However, in the context of our existence as humans not knowing when the last days are, I strongly believe one can live forever on earth until there is no earth anymore. Don’t pick the stones yet, I will tell you.


I have only attended very few funeral ceremonies in my life, I think it’s only two or three. But there is a common song I do hear them sing in Igbo language. The song says that we will only be remembered by our works. That means, if we did very little or nothing, we will be forgotten over the time. Regardless of what people believe, certain ones have left huge footprints on earth that can never ever be erased except the earth come to an end. Yes, people have gone out of the earth but they are still living because they left a huge part of themselves behind, they left great visions behind and others are still running it.


Our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth as a man so many years ago, he ascended into the heaven later. But today, everyone knows about Jesus. Not just because He has given us the Holy Spirit but because the great and mighty things He did is still speaking! All of the Apostles are all gone but we still talk about them today and we still say “Paul said”. Their words have remained ever green over two thousand years.


How you live on earth determines how you are remembered.  So many people are remembered for the terrible things they did, so many others are remembered for the great and wonderful things they did. This boils down to one question, how do you want to be remembered or do you even want to be remembered? 


Whatever you do now, know that you are leaving foot prints in the hearts of people. It may be footprints of shame, footprints of betrayal, footprints of trust, footprints of friendship, footprints of impact… what kind of footprint do you want to leave? Some people will not meet you, but even when you are gone they will meet your footprints. 


With the memories you left behind, you can live on earth forever… Not in a house but in the hearts of people you have affected. Choose to be remembered and choose to be remembered for the good stuff! It’s not late to live right.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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