It happens always. Mr A loves B but B loves C and therefore B doesn’t feel the same way A feels. We have always find ourselves in this scenario where we love someone so much but that person is finding it difficult to feel the same we feel not because they hate us but because they feel we aren’t just meant to be together or because they are already in another relationship.

Many young people have always asked me why it happens and what to do at that point… I experienced it too, I am experiencing it like everyone else and there is only two options. One is foolish to some degree and that is to “keep trying” while the other one works like magic and that is to “let go”. Learning to let go of things you can’t get is one of the highest form of discipline.


When someone you deeply have affection for doesn’t feel the same way about you, what do you do? Some say you should keep trying but I say “you must learn to let go”… Never mess up your heart. The more you try to be accepted, the more you stand the chance of being rejected the more and the more you feel terrible. It pains… I have experienced it long time ago and short time ago. There is no magic about it, you must deal with the pain and walk away. I can’t teach you how to avoid the pain because there is no “how” to avoid it. You can only walk away…


But please, that you weren’t accepted doesn’t mean he/she is your latest enemy. You can still be friends but with certain distance if you can. People may not accept you because they notice some kind of incompatibility or because they are taken. So, don’t see them as terrible people. You may want to try but if you have tried and failed, you have to walk away now. Don’t you know there are also people who feel something for you but you don’t feel that same way about them… So it’s normal.


The only thing you can do is to let them go! By letting them go, you’re setting yourself free from emotional slavery. You can live without them, you can marry someone better and in the future you will be grateful that he/she said “no”.


Don’t let anyone treat you like a piece of trash… Or maybe you’re the one treating yourself like trash by sticking to where you aren’t wanted.


Let me say again… LET GO…






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