One of the highest way to show love is forgiveness. There can never be any genuine forgiveness when love is not in play. Show me a couple who can forgive themselves easily and you have shown me true love in action. However, forgiveness is also one of the most difficult thing for certain people.


But we can learn to forgive easily if we can learn to live like Christ. Someone might argue that Jesus had an extraordinary ability when he came to the earth but we must note that he came as man and functioned as man. He laughed like everyone else, he cried like everyone else and felt what we will feel when betrayed and rejected. Jesus experienced all of that but before he died on the cross he prayed for forgiveness on behalf of those who dealt with him.


That is a big contrast to what was obtainable in the old testament. Elijah would have called down fire if he was in the shoes of Jesus. You still think Jesus did it because he was ordinary? Let’s look at Stephen… while he was being stoned to death, he also prayed for his killers.


Are you still finding it difficult to forgive someone for his or her wrong? Have you been betrayed in a relationship? Have someone betrayed you in the office? Whatever have happened, you may not even need their apologies. Just forgive them and move on! Forgiveness doesn’t mean sticking around to someone who is bent on destroying you… You forgive them and move on.


Unforgiveness is a big limitation. Never limit yourself by harbouring it. Unforgiveness affects your relationship with God to a point that even your offerings aren’t acceptable. No matter who have wronged you, make up your mind today to forgive that person. Never mind if they apologised or not… Just pick up your phone right now and text him or her saying “I forgive you”. But remember, forgiving them doesn’t mean sticking around them. Don’t give people more room to hurt you again.


We were sinners when Jesus died on our behalf. We never bothered to seek forgiveness but God had mercy on us. Why won’t we have mercy on others? Have you jailed someone for the wrongs he did to you? Perhaps it’s time to bail him or her. Perhaps it is time to withdraw that case from the court if it is something you can settle privately. This doesn’t mean that people who committed hideous crime shouldn’t face justice but remember to seek justice with mercy… In some cases, just forgive and move on.


As you forgive that person today, your sacrifice of praise and worship will rise up into the high heavens to be a sweet smelling offering to our God.


“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” – Ephesians 4:32


God bless you.





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