I was in Christ Embassy Church, Onitsha on Wednesday for midweek service which I have always been part of. If some unbelievers can dedicate their evenings to getting drunk, I wish to dedicate mine to getting drunk in the Spirit. I listened to Pastor Archie speak passionately on dressing and the attitude of a believer. I had to note down some things. I developed this article based on His teaching. 


You don’t bring in environmental factors to the worship of God. Worship is a spiritual thing. The physical things has nothing to do with the worship of God. Your personal choices, your personal opinions and your bias has nothing to do with the worship of God. Jesus says in John 4:24 that worship is something we do in Spirit and in truth and not what our physical preferences contributes to.


That you don’t like females on trouser doesn’t automatically mean people who are not on trousers are true worshippers. It’s your choice not to like trouser, it’s your business and has nothing to do with worship to God. It’s like loving a red car and then demanding that every of your family member must drive in a red car. It is like cutting of all your hair and demanding that true worship involves doing so… No! It’s your choice and has nothing to do with God.


However, we must understand people around us and reach out to them in a way that they will accept us. When you check your environment, you dress in an acceptable way so that they can accept you. Soul winning is very important and so even when it’s not people’s business what you wear, you need to package yourself in a way that people accept you. You don’t dress like a mad man to reach out to a banker. For God to reach out to man, He had to come in the form of a man.


What you wear doesn’t affect how God sees you but it affect how man sees you. You don’t need to win God, God has already won you but you need to win men and you must make yourself acceptable to them. The worship of God is a spiritual thing but reaching out to people is a physical thing that leads to their encounter of the spiritual. So if you really want people to accept you, you must dress in a way that they can welcome you not because God doesn’t like you but so that they can like you. For instance, if you want to get a child’s attention, you may decide to use sweets or biscuit so that you can attract them… In the same manner, you may need to dress in a way generally and morally accepted by a given environment if you really want to win them to Christ. 


When you are in an environment where some certain dress code is regarded abnormal, you don’t have to go on evangelism with it because they will regard you as abnormal person. You don’t start living a controversial life just because you know you are not wrong. Always consider those people who are weak in the faith. Let’s see how Paul addressed this issue:


“Be willing to accept those who still have doubts about what believers can do. And don’t argue with them about their different ideas. Some people believe they can eat any kind of food, but those who have doubts eat only vegetables. Those who know they can eat any kind of food must not feel that they are better than those who eat only vegetables. And those who eat only vegetables must not decide that those who eat all foods are wrong. God has accepted them.” – Romans 14:1‭-‬3 ERV


You see that? It is useless arguing with people about their different ideas. The day I learnt this, I stopped arguing with Christians who are still weak in the faith, I rather started getting more close by teaching them gradually in love. That we have the knowledge of God’s word shouldn’t make us feel arrogant and superior to others. In the same way, those who feel they shouldn’t wear trousers as female shouldn’t regard themselves better. True Christians walk in love and God has been teaching me how to do that. These days I don’t argue denominations and dogmas…I simply preach Christ. Even in the cause of teaching, when I speak against unchristian ideas, I speak it from the position of authority.


When you win them and get them to the knowledge of Christ, they will understand that it doesn’t really matter if a woman wear trouser or not.


For the sake of winning souls around you, you must be dress to win! It is very important. However, don’t feel your dressing affects God’s love upon you. 


I have done a previous teaching on Deuteronomy 22:5and can refer you to it on demand.


God bless you.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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