Do you get afraid of people beating you on the road when you’re walking with your father? When you have soldiers as very good friends, you won’t be afraid to make troubles because you know someone will always come to your rescue. This is so true because the consciousness of their relationship with you makes you bold and it happens because you trust them to always come to your rescue.


If that can happen when we trust humans who can actually disappoint us someday, how much more God? God isn’t just our Father, He is not just someone who will come to our rescue, He is someone who is ever present. He is everywhere at the same time and we can’t be afraid. Others may be so late to rescue us, but God is never late. Rescue may not come in a time we wanted it, but it doesn’t come late.


Your physical eyes cannot see God but His word says He is with you at all times. When you don’t trust Him, you have automatically called Him a liar and you’re limiting Him from manifesting. The Psalmist declared that he always put it to remembrance that God is with him, not just with him but very close to him and therefore he knows that nothing can defeat him. 


“I always remember that the Lord is with me.  He is here, close by my side, so nothing can defeat me.” -Psalm 16:8 ERV


The Psalmist is deliberately reminding himself of God’s presence. By doing so, he is building his morale so that he can always stand bold in all situations. It is true that at times, it seems God isn’t saying anything, at times it seems we can’t feel Him around us and we suddenly begin to hear the devil trying to instill fear in us. Well, sometimes God manifests at the end of our own powers. Sometimes, God manifests after the sick have died so that His glory can’t be disputed. When Lazarus was sick, they had hope in Jesus for his healing but it seemed their hope was shattered the moment Lazarus died… However, Jesus wanted to manifest when doctors would have done their best, when friends would have tried their own best… He wanted to tell them that even in the face of death, God is still mighty to be trusted (John 11:1-44). The Psalmist said


“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” – Psalms 23:4 KJV


You see that? He is not afraid even in the face of death because he knows that God is with Him. God may allow you to pass through the valleys of shadows of death so that death can understand it cannot hurt you. God isn’t just with you in the face of challenges, he comforts you! You need to be conscious of God’s presence at all times.


It doesn’t matter what you’re facing right now, it doesn’t matter how you’re feeling… You may have called on God and you don’t seem to be getting answers! Well, this is the time to trust Him more…. You’ll never fail… You’ll never be ashamed… He is your rock and shelter… In due time, you’ll experience His manifestation.


God bless you.





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