Salvation can only be found in Christ. We are not just talking about salvation from sin but salvation from all circumstances of life! The name of Jesus is the only power in the entire world that has been given to save anyone. When we say “anyone” we mean everyone irrespective of your ethnicity, denominational or religious background and orientation! It doesn’t matter how many sins such a person have committed, it doesn’t matter who forgives your offences or not, it doesn’t matter if the court of law has set you free from earthly and momentary punishments or not… It doesn’t matter if such is wasting away in prison… salvation is still and very much available!


However, it is either you are saved by the name of Jesus or you’re never saved! Salvation must come only through him! Even if you claim to know the God of Abraham, if you have not encountered and submitted to the God in Jesus, you are still very far away from salvation. Even if you know and move around with men of God, if you have not encountered and submitted to the God of men, you are still very far away from salvation.


How about having all the money in this world? How about having all the material things of life? You still need Jesus! Salvation isn’t only for those who are experiencing problems, salvation is for all men! The moment you run to Jesus, you’re saved from eternal doom because you’re under the covering of Christ!


If you are not saved, you are doomed. Hell is as real as heaven. God never made hell for men, it was designed for the devil. However, the devil doesn’t want to be destroyed alone with his demons. He feels the worst he can do is to lead God’s creation into hell with him. So, if you happen to leave this earth without submitting to Jesus under whom you’re protected, you’ll eventually walk to Hell. God doesn’t put anyone in hell, people simply walk into hell by not following the way to life! Jesus says He is the way, the truth and the life. He isn’t just the way to life, He is also life! So, the moment you submit to Jesus, you have walked through the only available way and you’ve entered into life! Jesus isn’t just promising to give you life later, He is the life himself. Jesus is the way and the life… He is the truth which means He cannot lie. On the contrary, every other way leads to hell. That way may sound godly, they may have laws that even promote worship of God but without Jesus, they may preach and teach against all the bad behaviours of people but if they do not believe in Jesus, they surely lead to hell! The Bible says


“Jesus is the only one who can save people. His name is the only power in the world that has been given to save anyone. We must be saved through him!” – Acts 4:12 ERV


That is why Jesus didn’t come teaching moral instructions, He came with the “reconciliation message”. He didn’t come to reconcile us with politicians, he didn’t come to bring peace as the world understands. He didn’t come to make Muslims and Christians live together… those things are the struggles of this world that can never ever come to an end until the second coming of Jesus. Jesus came to reconcile man with God, He came to bring peace into our hearts and He came for us individually! That is why denominations won’t go to heaven, it is people that go to heaven… We don’t go to heaven in groups, we go to heaven individually. Christianity is not a religion, it is a life we received individually on the basis of our faith and trust in Jesus! We aren’t coming together as believers because we are going to heaven as a group… We are coming together as families born by one father to encourage one another and worship as a family! The day you got born again, you received a place in heaven… God isn’t waiting for our denominations to drive us and book our camping hostels for us. Jesus said


“Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.” – John 14:6


Jesus is the one and only way to the Father. While so many religions are looking for ways to reach the Father, Jesus came with a declaration that He is that way and there is no other way. He came to put an end to our search because we will end up taking the wrong way and He pointed to Himself as not just the way but the truth and the life. Men have always sought for the truth about life but Jesus is that truth, men have sought for way to that life but Jesus is the way and men have sought for the life but Jesus is the life. You can’t find answers else where, they’ll only keep confusing you with more and more philosophy that gives rise to even more and more quest for answers. Only in Jesus can we find rest.


Salvation of all sort is only in the name of Jesus. The way to the Father is only through Jesus. 


God bless you





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