Sometimes I come to that point in my life where all I need is comfort from God’s word. That point where it’s seems the world is upside down, that point where it seems things aren’t going the way it’s supposed to be, that moment where the days activities and somethings I faced come to build up in my mind and perhaps make me want to cry, a point I can’t get to talk to anyone! What do I do at that moment? I quickly remind myself of God’s unchanging word. One of the most comforting places I have ever come across in the scriptures is Matthew 24:35


“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”


Why does this place comfort me? Because I already know so many things that God’s word have said concerning me. His word says He loves me, He cares for me, He knows what I am facing and He is right here with me and will (has) deliver(ed) me from them. However, sometimes we face too much challenges that the devil begin to bring these thoughts “does it mean God changed His mind? Does it mean His word is finding it difficult to be fulfilled? Where is He while you’re passing through all these troubles?”


When such questions begin to cloud your mind, what do you do? Do you give heed to them or do you seek comfort from God’s word? Well, I don’t give devil rooms… I tell him to his face that God has sworn with His Holiness that His word can never ever pass away (Psalm 89:35). Even if the earth is shaking and trembling, I am expectant of the fulfillment of His word in my life. No wonder, the Psalmist boldly said that even if he is faced with the shadows of death, he won’t fear any evil. Why? Because God has spoken a word “I am with you” and he is sure that God’s word can’t pass away, instead the earth be destroyed for his sake!


The above verse is simply a deep one, something we can hold on to at all times! Even when the sky is falling and the earth is shaking, God’s word cannot pass away! What is His word? It’s too many but let me show you just a tip!


God says, “Call me when trouble comes. I will help you, and you will honor me.” – Psalm 50:15 ERV


All you have to do is “call on God” and not fear! The devil will always try to magnify those problems but always show him that God is bigger than the biggest! He can’t magnify it to be bigger than God! No wonder, James wrote in 


“Are you having troubles? You should pray. Are you happy? You should sing.” – James. 5:13 ERV


When you’re troubled, call on God through prayers. Remember, Jesus is the only way to the Father and you must pray in the consciousness of salvation that came through Jesus. When you are happy, you should sing praises to God! 


God isn’t on a leave, He is not planning to be on leave… Not at all! I therefore charge you this day… Are you experiencing any difficulty? Call on God. Are you experiencing success? Praise God! Because His words are true!


God bless you





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