A year back, a young teacher called me and told me what a certain girl who happened to be my protégé told him. She said to him “George is stupidly too generous and I take unnecessary advantage of that”. He went on to tell me some things I never wished to hear about this young lady. I felt disappointed at some point and I went home saddened making up my mind never to render much help to people especially the female folks. 


When I got home, I had to think about my decision and I asked myself, “if Jesus was in your shoes, what would He have done?” The answer came quickly and of course Jesus experienced the worst of it all! He was denied by one of His closest disciple. Jesus had helped Peter in many occasions which included saving his life! But Jesus wasn’t expecting much from them because he is aware of their limitations. When Jesus was arrested, Peter denied Him outrightly as Judas have betrayed Him. But believe me, Jesus never had grudges with them… Judas just didn’t forgive himself and he committed murder but Peter experienced more of God’s love. I decided never to ask her about what I heard, I forgot I ever heard something like that and it didn’t stop me from being good to anyone. I even became much more interested in her cause ever since. The teacher called again to continue with his gist about this girl and I said to him “I don’t want to hear about it”.


There is no excuse to being bad to people even when they never meet your expectations. By being good to people when they are less appreciative of it, you’re simply teaching them that good will always overcome bad.


Be willing to do much for people but do not expect much from them so that their limitation do not become a hindrance from being the good person you are. If you’re good, never turn bad because of people’s betrayals. The more people disappoint you, teach them how to be good by still being good. It may seem stupid, they may even call you a “mugu” But never cease to be good.


Don’t even hold on or keep records of how people betrayed or disappointed you. Some people weren’t good to you not because they are bad people but because of less maturity. They are still growing, don’t forget that. Many times, they turn out to become the best people in your life afterwards if you can only be patient with them and overcome bad with goodness! Peter denied Jesus, the same Peter died for the sake of Jesus.


Who are you planning to give up on? Overcome bad with goodness!





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