Those tears came again…

Thinking about it always get me to cry…


He came in all humility, allowing Himself to be born in a manger. Like the King He is, three wise men from the East still recognized that a king was born. His humility couldn’t even hide His identity. A king who allowed Himself to be born in a place of animals and not even poor humans. 


He walked among men, He was considered a nobody and He was despised. A King in heaven but a mere man on Earth. Why did He come? Just because He loves me and wanted to save me from sin. I never cared, we never believed we needed help and He was even cursed in the activity of saving us. Yet, He looked into the heavens and said “forgive them… They are just ignorant”. Just like we would go looking for our loved ones, He came looking for us. We spat on His face but He kept coming closer.


He who would have destroyed the world in a breath allowed himself to be crucified on the cross just like every other criminals. What a love! He opened His hands and watched the people created through Him curse Him, spit on Him and crucified Him.


Yes, He cried like a man. He died like a man but He resurrected in glory bringing us the opportunity to just believe and be saved. I cry because I can’t love Him like He loves me, I cry because I was worth nothing but He deemed it fit to redeem me by His blood and now am worth something more than diamond. I cry because I have not done so much… I just need to do more for Him.


He loves me in my weakness and made me strong without my efforts. Even when I can’t boast of a perfect behavior He calls me perfect! I just want to do more… Do you want to do more too? You can tell someone about His love for them… Telling people about Him is one of the most cherished gift you can give Jesus.


Thank you Jesus for loving me.






  1. Ja, das habe ich auch bemerkt, dass die Dummen oft Erfolg haVce.binlleieht deshalb, weil sie eben dumm sind.aber es muss nicht immer der Fall sein.


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