It can be so difficult trying to win people who aren’t literally ours. Sometimes we find ourselves in that scary situation when we are madly in love with someone and he/she is madly in love with another. You do all you can just to really show off what you feel about them but it can’t just work out… It is very scary and it’s been one of the things I am afraid to experience. It’s like going to hell just to prove your love for someone while the said person can’t even agree to go to heaven because of you… They just choose to be with who their heart beats for. As long as long as that bond drawing them to the one their heart beats for remains there, you may buy off their smiles and attention with your gestures but their heart knows where it belongs.


Now what do you do in that situation? I will tell you but you must know it’s not as easy as switching off the light… It’s not truly easy so don’t expect me to just tell you to forget he/she exists​ because you can’t. Even when you vow to forget them, their pictures will keep coming up in your memory! I won’t also advise you to continue trying because it may result to double worries! In fact, it is very rare to win in this case. Though it’s possible, it’s not usually the case. Don’t use yourself as an experimental specimen.


All you have to do is to understand that you can love people and even care without being in a relationship with them. I am still looking for that rule that says you must be in an emotional relationship with someone your heart beats for. If your heart beats for someone and his/her heart doesn’t beat for you, then be ready to dance alone. Just dance alone, know that you can’t have everything you point your fingers to. Understand that this life is a battle and you’re not the only one who knows what is good… If you can’t win him/her, let them be. Become their brothers or their sisters, become their friends. If you truly love him/her, you’ll handle it. If possible, pray that his/her relationship thrives and if you can connect with his/her partner and become friends with them too, do it and don’t forget to tell them that “you’re that person who stole the heart I desire… But, it’s well and you have my support” but be very careful with how communicate it or don’t even communicate it all. By being friends or having soft spot for the one who seem to have taken your place in his/her life, it kills of every form of envy and jealousy, it also forces you to make up your mind to move on without grudges for anyone. Isn’t that what true love is? True love holds no grudge, it want the best for another.


Then, move on… Don’t be quick to hook up with someone else. Have some time for yourself, have sometime with people who really care about you. Don’t keep thinking about the former because it doesn’t change anything. Trying so hard to hold on to it will make you waste your time, your emotions, your resources and still be labeled “a looser”. You’re not a looser anyway and you must not act like one. Hooking up with someone else as quick as possible may put you in another emotional danger. Take time to meet people, build it from the scratch and you’ll discover that special person who is made for you. When you find him or her, never put up a comparison between the former and the latter… Everyone is unique! 





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