George’sorge’s Diary readers,

We are giving away 10,000 naira or its dollar equivalent in the #NaOnlyYouChallenge


Yes! We mean it! This is how you can win…


• 1. Download “Na Only You” by GracefulGeorge

• 2. Record yourself or your group, singing, playing or dancing any part of “Na Only You” (not less than one minute)

•3. Upload the record on Facebook with #NaOnlyYouChallenge

• 4. Follow @georgennad on Instagram or like George Onyedika Nnadozie page on Facebook


Bonus points!


• 5. Download George’s Diary app 

• 6. Get ready to win big!


1st Prize: #10,000 + 1 track production

2nd Prize: #5,000 + GDtv polo

3rd Prize: Exquisite Lunch with George + GDtv Polo


Supported by: GDtv, Ndeez Music

For more information, email:


Feel free to talk about this! Post your comment here!

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