I don’t make short posts on my blog, I do them on my social media page but I think this is very important to appear on my website


Some say that women are talkatives… Let them be! I like it that way! If she can’t talk to you about everything, you’ve not stolen her heart even if you’re her husband! If she can’t be a talkative around you, she haven’t found friendship in you even if you’re married to her for years!


If you have a woman in your life, listen whenever she wants to talk! Sometimes, listening to them is the best gift you can give them! A woman would want to share with you how her day was from the moment she woke up to the moment she want to sleep again. I have discovered that a woman who doesn’t share her activities with her man is yet to find a friend in that man! If she always want to talk to you about everything, it means she’s comfortable with you, she has come to trust you and she has found a friend in you! Don’t betray that friendship by trying to avoid her talks! Let her talk!


If you can listen to her, you’ll discover her wisdom!





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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