God is interested in relationships, devil is also interested in it! 

Good uses relationships to model us into becoming the best and the devil uses relationships to model people into becoming an instrument of deceit and moral decadence. 


The moment you make the wrong friends and stick to it, you’re giving the devil an opportunity to destroy your future on this cosmos. What you feel for anyone is not enough reason to open up your body to be explored!


You feel you’re going to loose him/her of you refuse to engage in premarital sex? Oh my God! For crying out loud, you should loose him/her, you’re supposed to loose them!


You think being generous is enough reason to have premarital sex with a lady? You have failed it big time! Premarital sex is a betrayal of your own body, a betrayal of your own future and a deliberate act to distort God’s original design!


Do you drive a car because you love that car? The answer is an emphatic no! Loving a car didn’t make it yours until you procure necessary rights to that car! Loving a house doesn’t make it yours until you do the needful and receive a certificate of occupancy!


Relationships should be a place to explore our potentials and not a place to explore our private bodies! Our private bodies isn’t meant for some guy or ladies who come into our lives for a temporal stay… It is for someone who have decided to spend the rest of their lives with us. God designed marriage to be enjoyed in the confines of matrimony.


Marriage is the only place to have sex and be proud of it… Forget about people who have lost their conscience! Don’t let anyone deceive you, don’t let anyone fool you into few minutes of pleasure that you will not be proud of!


There is time for everything… Until it’s time for sex, ZIP UP!





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