Purpose simply means the reason why something exists. Every thing designed has a purpose behind it’s making and the benefit of anything cannot be utilised when the purpose of it’s making isn’t discovered.


Every man on earth was made and before any man can live a successful life on earth he must discover the reason behind his making but before he discover the reason behind his making he must discover his maker! Discovering God or in the other words, knowing God is the prior key to discovering who you are!


It is the discovery of why we are made that reveals to us who we are and what we can do! A man who has discovered his purpose has an ordered life because he has received a revelation of why he is on earth!


The boat is designed for transportation just like the car! But the boat is designed to transport people through the waters! That is the purpose of it’s making! Now, no sensible man will bring a boat to the land and expect it to ride on land because the boat isn’t made for dual purposes but for a unique purpose of transporting things and people by water.


Purpose discovery already sets you apart from others because you won’t end up doing what others are doing, you’ll rather be known doing your own thing!


4 quick ways to discover your purpose is 

  1. Discover God! God designed you and you can’t really understand why you’re designed when you’re not in a relationship with your designer.
  2. Look at the end from the beginning. How would you want to complete your journey on this earth? What would you want to be remembered for? 
  3. Look at the inside from the outside. Look at those things you’re very passionate about, look at those things you’re very good in doing! Perhaps, that is where your big question will be answered! Others may be doing big stuffs but you don’t need to be like them, you don’t need to put up a competition between yourself and them! It may be very little but do it! Once it’s something you’ve been designed to do, you’ll make it big!
  4. Love beyond people’s worth! Choose to love people behind what they’re worth to you. By loving people you’ll see yourself trying to provide solutions to their needs. So many great people today started by providing solutions to people’s need! In fact, this is why creativity was given! Focus on other people and know how you can be a problem solver to their business, academics, career and so on!
    While there are other points out there which is also very relevant, the above will go a long way to establish you on your way to success! 
    See you at the top!



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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