Hello Girls,



Why try to be a man when you’re better as you?

Why try to fight for equality when you’re meant to be more?

Why envy the strength of a man when you’re an embodiment of strength?


You can be much more than you’re today!

You can become the next global female icon!


Women can do much more than being make-up artists​… They can also become world class photographers!

Women can do much more than bead making, they can become world class business tycoons…

Women can do much more than take care of the children, they can become ICT gurus while at home…


Women are not baby factories… They are nation bearers…

Women are not weak… They possess untold strength…


Women can be more than leaders of women groups, they can be leaders of the State and Country…

Women can be much more than Church members, they can be Church leaders…


We have step it up to show you we are serious!

George loves you always and you know it…

Right now, we would love to help you unravel the power of feminity and we are doing it in an exceptional way!


Unfortuantely, we cannot host everyone but we promise to host the first 40 people that will be sending “REGISTER ME + NAME” to “08030688325” for free! Never forget that we aren’t selecting people… It is first 40 people who sends in that will get registered!


Venue is Crunchies Plus, Nkpor, Anambra Nigeria and Date is 20th May, 2017… By 11am!


The official partners of Queens Hangout is SPLash ciTY and PinkROSE anXIOMs. This event is a project of GeORGe’s diARy





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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