Reasons why it seems our love life is always in a mess is because


  1. We FALL in love
  2. Someone becomes our CRUSH

  3. We become BABES

  4. We burn in passion


I have always thought about these things and I have always spoken up against some of the metaphors we use to communicate love. Listening to Mandy Len Catron’s TED Talk broadened it more.


Falling is accidental, no one deliberately falls! Does this mean we love people by accident? Accidental love? Isn’t that why we suddenly get fed up?

Crush means to defeat, squeeze and press something out of shape!

Babies don’t really know what is good for themselves, sometimes their choices leaves them vulnerable when care isn’t taken. When we burn, we get hurt!


Have you wondered why hearts break? Because we fall, we are crushed, we don’t make good choices and we get burnt!


As an advocate of positive confessions, I have always thought of these things! I find it difficult using these words because it doesn’t communicate sense! Love is responsible, love builds people and love is not a feeling but a choice! 


Reasons why we use these words are because we allow our emotions to overcome our sense of choices, when we try explaining how we feel we don’t find better words than those listed above! At the end, it doesn’t last long. Negative words results to negativity…. Personally I say


  1. I AM in love
  • Someone just got ATTRACTED to me

  • You’re my LOVED ONE

  • I REALLY feel something for you.

  • And lots more…


    Like I will always say, I am not out to fight what seems to be the norm but I am just saying that there is a better way of doing things! That the wrong has grown with history doesn’t make it right! Our confessions can always change and get better.




    Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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