1. Is repentance a prerequisite for saving faith? 

It depends on your understanding of repentance. The Bible repentance is not “turning from sin”. If you can turn from sin, why then did Jesus came? The Biblical repentance means “to change one’s mind”. It is this change of mind that results to a change of actions! Act 26:20 says 


“I began telling people to change their hearts and lives and turn back to God. And I told them to do what would show that they had really changed. I went first to people in Damascus. Then I went to Jerusalem and to every part of Judea and told the people there. I also went to the non-Jewish people.” – Acts 26:20 ERV 


In the King James Bible, the word “repentance” was used to tell people to change their hearts and lives. After the change of mind, they can live as people who are really changed! You don’t do good to become good! You become good to do good!


You don’t get saved because you  stopped sinning! You rather turned from your sins because you have been saved. Paul said to believers 


“You were taught to leave your old self. This means that you must stop living the evil way you lived before. That old self gets worse and worse, because people are fooled by the evil they want to do. You must be made new in your hearts and in your thinking.” – Eph. 4:22‭-‬23 ERV
“Repentance from sin” is a result of salvation! When someone believes that Jesus came to save him from sin, he is also automatically acknowledging that sin is terrible and that’s why he needed to be saved from it! You see, his repentance was facilitated by the knowledge of his salvation! A heart is conditioned to accept Jesus as the entrance of the gospel. That is true repentance. In order word, the Biblical repentance is what makes it possible for people to accept the gospel! 
2. Is it possible to claim to be saved by faith when the person has not repented? 
Anyone can claim anything! False believers are everywhere! There are mixed multitudes. However, we can’t point at a particular person or group and say they are claiming thus!
3. What is the fate of the man who believes but has not repented? 
Like we established in the first question, repentance means a change of mind! No one can believe in Jesus without a Change of mind! What is this change of mind? It means giving up on your struggles and giving in to what Jesus have finished on the cross! Therefore, there is no fate for those who are in Christ Jesus! Paul wrote 


“So now anyone who is in Christ Jesus is not judged guilty. That is because in Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit that brings life made you free. It made you free from the law that brings sin and death.” – Rom. 8:1‭-‬2 ERV
4. If repentance is not requisite what is the person getting saved from?
We are saved from the law which has sin as it’s power! (Romans 8:2) Like said earlier, you don’t get saved because you  stopped sinning! You rather turned from your sins because you have been saved. The penalties for sin was on Jesus so that we can receive the gift of righteousness.


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