This morning, after singing and praying unto the Lord. I switched on my phone and got a message from a friend talking about the songs we listen to. I was began to think…


What song was David singing and demons would leave Saul on hearing it? I think I have a clue… He was singing of God’s greatness! David was a principality of praises! When he plays of God’s greatness, the melodies would get Saul and condition his heart to also think and Sing of God’s greatness… Perhaps, it was a song like


“Our God is greater

Our God is stronger

Lord you are higher than any other

Our God is mighty,

Awesome in power

Our God

Our God…”


When Saul joins in this kind of song, why won’t the demons tremble? Songs are very powerful! A friend said “if demons could flee through songs, it can equally enter someone through songs!” When you sing songs with powerful lyrics, don’t just dance or nod to the tune, let the words of that song sink deep in you! Sing it as though you were the one who wrote it, sing it with everything in you and believe me, certain things begins to fall in place.


There are songs I don’t sing, not because I don’t respect the artist’s gifts but because the lyrics of those songs aren’t helping my faith. Depending on ones revelation, some words in a song can mean diverse things! I sing songs the same way I confess God’s word! I can’t sing songs that either demeans me or demean God’s word and His salvation. Why? Because, that’s not my confession! I can’t confess negative stuffs! I wouldn’t want to start mentioning names of songs because like I said “it depends on what those words means​ to someone else.” For instance, I heard someone say he doesn’t sing “I want more of you” by Sinach because he already has all of Jesus in him. I also heard another person categorically say he doesn’t sing “Take me to the place” by Elijah because he is already in the place where God is. But for me, these songs and many more makes different meaning to me, when I sing them, what my heart is really saying is 


“God, I want to know more of you! I want to know more about my place in you! You’re all I need! Your word confirms your dwelling in me but I want to know more everyday! I want to experience it more everyday.”


When I sing these songs, it is always my heart cry and my desire to know more of God! That is why I don’t really criticize songs outrightly when it’s words can mean different things. I simply have my personal list of songs I sing because of what it means to me. 


For instance, 2 Peter 3:18 say “Grow in grace and the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” and many people now pray “oh God, give me the grace to do this or do that…”God has already given all of His grace! There is no part of His grace that was withheld from us”. Then, what was Peter saying when he asked us to grow in Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ? Don’t forget the word “grow” means to become larger in size. When you grow, you are increasing but that doesn’t mean all of you isn’t on earth already! You’re complete but the more you mature, the more you understand how to be more responsible with yourself! Even as a baby, you’re complete with all the parts of your body! Your leg doesn’t appear as you grow, it only grows with you! Your eyes was there as a baby but at point you stated seeing with it, at another point, you started reading much deeper meanings into what you see with your eyes! So when Peter made that statement, he wasn’t asking us to request for extra grace, he was asking us to mature as Christians. 1Peter 5:10 called Him “God of all Grace”.


The Bible says “let the teaching of Christ live inside you richly. Use all wisdom to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” – Col. 3:16 ERV


You see that? We are the ones that allow the dwelling of the teachings of Christ! The teachings of Christ means God’s word and it’s revelation! We were asked to also teach and counsel that same word to others in all wisdom. Immediately after that line, Paul talked about singing Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (probably in line with the teachings of Christ). This means, songs hymns and Psalms should always accompany the teachings and counsellings using God’s word! They must all be in line with our confession! What is the confession of a believer? It is the confession God’s greatness in thanksgiving and adoration!


We don’t just sing songs because it is songs after all! We sing songs that are also full of God’s word or thanksgiving to God. When I want to sing certain songs and I realise it’s words aren’t glorifying God’s word, then I stop immediately! When a song ministers words that questions the eternal power of God’s salvation, it doesn’t glorify God! For instance, if there is any song like “oh God, why have you forsaken me?” That song is demonic! Jesus was forsaken for my sake, Jesus was forsaken that I might be redeemed! God cannot inspire me to sing such songs that questions redemption! Only the devil will want to confuse me so that can get at me! Our ignorance is the devil’s strength.


It may sound good, it may make you cry, it may even rend your soul and gets you speaking in tongues! There are secular songs that touches  a my heart and make me very  a soft because of its melodies! But if it is not in line with the teachings of Christ, it brings limitations! Throw it into the waste bin… There are several other songs for the new creation! Why not bank on those amazing songs that exalts the name of Jesus?


The believer in Christ Jesus sings songs of victory and not that of defeat! He sings songs of redemption and not that of damnation!


God bless you!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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