Everyone was created equal…

God didn’t make anyone better than the other…

God created in us every needed tools for greatness…

There is a king in every man…


But then…


It is you who decide to become greater than others by doing what others aren’t doing!

You sow seeds of greatness when you take good decisions, study good stuffs and apply them!


People who do extraordinary things were not born extraordinary way! They came through the same place where you came from! They only took a decision, never to be small in life! At point, Jabez took a decision never to continue with the wrong indentity he got from his mother! His turning point was the day he refused and rejected that name!


Perhaps you’re still worried concerning the wrong names people have given you! It is you who decides whether to be identified as failure or as success!


Perhaps that’s what many of you have not done! You may have not taken the decision to be great! Don’t just decide, also live a life of greatness! It is not so easy but its worth it! Don’t live like ordinary people… If you know where you are going, you reharse for it!


Do you have a dream of building big business empires? Start with a kiosk! If you can handle it, you can handle a bigger one! Train yourself to greatness! God won’t fly you to greatness, He already gave you wings to fly and you’re the one to use the wings God has given you! God has given you the power to become sons, sons are people who take responsibilities! God won’t force you into it… You have the power to decide.


Pray and fast all you like, if you cannot go out there and win souls, don’t expect 1000 members! Jesus didn’t ask us to pray for people to come to Church, He asked us to go into the nations and make disciples! There is always an effort to exert if you know why you are doing what you are doing and where you are heading to!


God has already given you His word! His word is all you need and you have it! Nature itself responds to you when you respond to God’s word! Why? Everything lives in obedience to God! 


Without passion and determination, you cannot get there! Don’t allow your passion to go down! Keep flaming it up by doing those stuffs even when you don’t like doing them.


There is a king in every man… However, only those who discover the king in them can really walk the walk of kings…


You are the one who decides what to do with your life!


We are royalties! 

Watch our rising!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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