Just before you read, understand that certain times writing is my pleasure… I just want to have pleasure… It would be a pleasure if you’d join in my pleasure! So… Don’t ask me why I am writing this!

It’s easy for me to get determined, become passionate, cry, laugh, love, apologize and care…

It’s a part of me that I cannot do away with… I had always thought it was a fault.

Now, I’ve seen it’s purpose…

But it’s never easy to get me give up on my convictions, that is mission impossible!


I am soft hearted, if you had ever come close you’d notice it, but I am strong willed!


Now, what’s the point?

Being soft hearted doesn’t mean saying “yes” to everything! It means saying “yes” without stress where it is needed and saying “no” without hesitation when necessary. 


It’s hard to get me to fight the fight of muscles! You won’t see me flexing muscles violently but it doesn’t mean weakness! Sometimes it may be seen as cowardice when I run away even when hitting an offender would be justifiable but I choose to be called a coward because I didn’t hit back! Only strong people still stand not to fight even when labeled “cowards”.


I don’t fight with punches, I fight on my knees… In the dark where no one knows what is happening! I tell my father in heaven “it’s your fight and not mine”.


When I cry, it’s not a sign of weakness… It is strength! 

We hear that men don’t cry, I didn’t see it in the Bible! It’s easy for me to cry because most times my strength is invigorated in tears! I cry in joy when I see the oppressed get delivered from oppression and I cry in sadness when I see helpless people and yet can’t offer help!


To think I would be the first to cry when people die is lain. Most times I don’t cry for dead people, I just cry because I can’t resist the tears of people around. I always believe dead people may be happier than those living on earth except if the dead didn’t make right decisions while living on earth!


Men don’t like flashy colours… They had lied again. 

I love flashy colours! I love them bright and shiny! Even if it is black, let it be bright! You think I wouldn’t love pink? Don’t shout if you visit my room and see pink everywhere!


Football isn’t for men, it is for everyone who loves it!

I don’t fancy football, I only pretend to when someone I love loves football. I detest wrestling especially when I know it’s a scripted entertainment and I hate watching and hailing violence! I love watching golf, swimming, car race and some other amazing sporting events!


Awww… I wanted to go to the moon!

Those days I’d stand at the balcony in the mid night looking into the sky as though I have treasures there! My hunger to go to the moon started the day Grannie said some people who were farming in the moon got stuck there! When I look at a full moon, it seemed I would see them! Well, I wanted to go say “hi” to them! Then, I heard about UFOs, I wanted to see one! I wanted to say “hello” to aliens… I heard about shooting stars and its ability to make wishes come to pass, I want to get a glimpse of it! I wanted to make a wish “let me be the crush of my crush!”… Thanks to God I wasn’t crushed! Well, I finally met dearest shooting star 🌟 but it had no such ability! In fact, I thought it even took away my own crushing desires!


I love men on suit but I am always not ready to be seen as one! 

I only dress like those “big men” for certain reasons on rare occasions but I love it simple but neat! I like fashion! Yes I do… But, I like it simple.


If I’d Pastor a Chruch, I needn’t come to stage with suit or big attire… 

I have always wondered! Friends often ask me to dress like a Pastor and I wonder how Pastors dress… Meanwhile, don’t call me Pastor. At least not yet! 


Who determines what Pastors wear? Or maybe I am been influenced greatly by certain role models in the west! They made us see suit as male “Pastor’s” and “Serious Believer’s” dress code! Now they are tired of wearing them! I don’t like the gap between Ministers of the gospel and the ministered! Some of us act as though we are not humans, we act as though we are superior and we make them afraid to come close! We give them reasons not to come close… Sometimes our dress style also indicates it! Let impact speak and not dressing! Some of us are so arrogant… We sense it so much when they act! Well, I hope they understand that Jesus isn’t arrogant and we should act like who we have become… Like Jesus!


Quiet and calm… 

Not when you spark me up! Once you get me talking, I will keep talking! When I talk and laugh with you, it’s a romance! And if I don’t want us to stop talking, especially with smiles… You’re right to suspect that I love you! I love rejoicing… I don’t like a Christianity with mean faces… That is not Christ-likeness anyway! Go to cinemas, have a gospel dance party, go for sight seeing… They’re my thing! Awwww, dear kids… You’re going to enjoy Daddy and Mummy!


In fun, I still mean business!

Preaching the gospel? Is not a thing that is stopping today, tomorrow or forever! I am sold out to that cause! You think I am going to be a Pastor? I did not deny it, I just said “don’t give me titles”. Simple!


In love…

And some think it’s absurd to be a believer and be in love with someone.

Well, I think it’s odd to be a believer and not be in love with everyone…. And that special one too!


Trends are not my thing.

When it’s trending I am always not interested! I like things because I like it, I do things because I love doing them! Not because the mass loves it or does it… I am not always pleased to follow the choice of the mass because the mass often make wrong choices.


I am handsome… And beautiful!

I didn’t think so before but now I know so. I thought it was a thing of the face, I never knew beauty and cuteness is a condition of the heart! I didn’t let my heart get into that state by accident! I decided to agree with my creator’s confession and declaration about me! Don’t get jealous… Don’t hate me… Just love me!


It’s getting longer… I wouldn’t want to bore you… But am sure you had some pleasures reading about the “cryptic” me.


Do you have a Lord? 

I do! And He made my life so beautiful!

Jesus is my Lord and saviour!

Wanna be beautiful?

Join us!


I am Royalty!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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