They say humans are higher animals, isn’t that why so many humans are acting like higher beasts?

Secular education may seem very promising but believe me, it is very harmful! What were we told in Evolution theory? That we are animals too! In Igbo, “anumanu” means an animal or a very stupid individual! I am not am animal… If secular education can convince you enough and give you strange identity, then that is your own cup of tea… I cannot​ be convinced by secular education because I have already seen and experienced who I am!


People fight, hate and kill for no reason! Who does that? Animals!

You don’t need to offend certain animals before they kill you… No matter how you love them, all they need from you isn’t your love but your meat! Your blood is juice to them and your flesh is bread! They don’t care what happens to your family, business and life in general… They just want you dead! The domestic ones just want your resources!


Do you see the way animals have sex? 

Look at some men, they run after someone including their kind! They push him or her to the floor, get them unconscious and rape them! They don’t have self control… Animals don’t need self control… 


Let me point it again… They said humans are higher animals! Why? Because they saw no other way to discredit the Bible, the only book that gave the true account of creation! The only way they thought they would discredit God’s word was by saying “humans are one kind of animals”…


Chimpanzees, Elephants and other huge animals can enjoy that title of “higher animals”, not humans! Didn’t you see how they tried comparing human brain with that of animals? Didn’t you see how they try their best to convince us that their is no God! But they always fail!


Nature knows we aren’t animals,

Nature respects our command at large extent but not that of the animals!


Now, who are we?

We are humans! It is that simple… Naturally we are humans!

Don’t add anything to that, don’t substract anything from it…

We should think like humans and not like animals!


Only humans knows how to love… Love is a choice, remember!

Animals don’t love, they can’t even make that choice! They just live their life without self control… They don’t know what environmental hazards is! They don’t know what murder is and they have no rules! You can’t lead animals, you can only subject them to chains and strict rules that you must force them and keep for them! They are not the ones who keep the rules, you implement it and you also keep it yourself! You don’t ask animals not to kill, you can just cage them!


Act like a human and you may not be in prison!

I understand certain people are in prison because those in authority act like animals too!

Act like a human and the world will be a better place!

Animals don’t know what “better place” is! That is why they can fall into traps and get caught so easily! If you don’t want a rat to eat more of your stuffs, set a trap… Get it caught and get it killed!


Who caused this mess?

You remember the Eden story? You remember how man listened and obeyed the serpent? Man came so low to obey the beast instead of obeying God! Man was made in God’s image but in disobedience man followed the way of the beast and wickedness was birth in the world of man!


The mess was done with!

Well, the good news is, not everyone act like animals! There is a way out! God who made us in His image, came in our image! He came to save His image on earth! Man was betraying His image and He came to show us the way! He came as Jesus and He told us what humans were supposed to be like… The remarkable thing Jesus said is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Man was made to live in love! This can only be possible when man dwells in God’s presence! No wonder, the wise ones gave prophecies concerning the coming of God in flesh! They said His name shall be called “Emmanuel” which means God with us!


Because He is God, He knows the way out! 

The way to regain our true identity is to come to God and live in Him!

Well, in His wisdom, God knew we may not faithfully stay put in Him… We may drift away! And then, He had a master plan! He went into us! He made us His dwelling place! We don’t just dwell in Him, He dwells in us! That is a confirmation of His faithfulness!


In Christ, we are not animals! We are not higher animals! We are not in any classification with animals! High or low, it has nothing to do with us! We are naturally human and we are super-naturally unexplainable new creatures in Christ!


I refuse the false identity given to us by secular ideas…



Who are you?



#Photo: Shots for something big! Watch out for it!


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