To be led by the Spirit does not mean to be led by a voice in our head, a man in white that appeared in our dreams or any other appearances!


I met a woman some years ago who said to me that God specifically told her to leave a certain Church and join another. After few years, I met her again and asked her how she has been coping with the church she had joined and she said “I went back to my former Church! I don’t think it was a place for me!” She had forgotten she told me “God said!”


The Spirit of God isn’t those voices we hear… God’s word is the voice of God’s Spirit!

I am not saying people can’t hear and see visions! But, God’s way of major communication to us in this present time is through His written word!


Any voice, experience, dream and feeling that isn’t in line with God’s revealed word as written down and handed to us, then it’s not worth our attention! It is not from God! It may not be from the devil either! It can be our feelings that speaks to us! Sometimes we think we want to help the Bible… Paul wrote


“So anyone who tells you a different message should be condemned—even if it’s one of us or even an angel from heaven!” – Gal. 1:8


“Anyone” can also be yourself, your instincts, your dreams and visions, your pastor, your friends or even the devil! When it’s not in line with God’s word, it is not from the Spirit! Someone might say “but it worked for me!” Well, I say… I don’t care! Witchcraft also work for witches! Even if something worked for you with the wrong method, it may still be God’s grace, giving you more room to understand Him better or the devil trying to distract you from understanding God better! The wrong method will always fail at the long run!


To be led by the Spirit is not to be led by the flesh! The flesh includes our feelings, understandings and more! We shouldn’t be led by fears! The walk in Spirit is a walk of faith in God! If God’s word didn’t say so, don’t agree! That’s the walk of the Spirit!


God’s word is the voice of the Spirit! The Spirit is not independent… It speaks only that which Jesus speaks! John 16:13


There is no several way to walk the walk of faith in God! There is only one way! That way is Jesus! Don’t say it’s okay as long as they call the name “Jesus”! Anyone can mention Jesus if that is what sells! Jesus is a brand, a very big and popular name! Anyone can say Jesus because it’s not a hard word… It is easy! Even unbelievers exclaims “Jesus!” Out of excitement. That doesn’t make it right to walk with God wrongly… If you’re walking the wrong walk, it is not the Spirit that is leading you and it is not God that you’re following!


How many times have you heard voices? It’s not a thing to panic about! God can still speak that way! But! Hey… The devil speaks too. God spoke to Adam, the devil spoke to Eve! Had Eve analyzed the word of the devil in contrast to what God told Adam, she wouldn’t have fallen. But the devil spoke, then her desire arose and she started hearing something more in her head! She obeyed the devil, it worked at first… Her eyes opened! But she died!


Hold on to your Bible… Meditate therein day and night! Never allow an outside influence!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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