These days, we easily give up on people we claim to love! We give up on them because of so many reasons… Perhaps, she’s easily sad, he is too proud, she isn’t understanding, he doesn’t have a fashion sense, she talks too much… And all that!


What have we done about that situation we don’t like in people’s life? Or do we just do nothing, expect them to change over night and think it’s possible? I have meet arrogant people who doesn’t know they were arrogant! You don’t just leave them that way… You talk to them and give them time to change.


Certain people are the way they are because they grew up in a certain environment or with a certain orientation, it would take time and consistent support to see them become better! If you truly love someone, you don’t leave them because they have some flaws, you rather try seeing that they become better.


When everyone has left someone because of certain things he isn’t getting right, always be the one to stay back! The one who can show Love of Christ! Remember, God also expressed such love for us! He was patient with us and He is still patient with us. Love doesn’t use the word “I can’t take it anymore!”


Even in marriage, you don’t give up on your partner! You never loose hope and you never quit from fighting on your knees! Yes, you need to always pray for the ones you love! This is what true love does… Love does not give up on people!


“Love never gives up on people. It never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits.” – 1 Cor. 13:7 ERV


God bless you!





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