You don’t need to be a woman’s boyfriend or a man’s girlfriend before you can be a help to him/her! You don’t need to be given a special attention before you can give another a special attention! Leave an indelible mark in the heart of people… Let people love you and let them miss your absence! Make your self irreplaceable in people’s life! Let them still have something good to say about you even at their old age!

Be a lovely personality, be very kind to the people you meet today! You may never get to meet them again! What they can always remember about you is your actions towards them! It’s not everyone you meet today that you’ll always meet again but it is the mark you left in their hearts that they will always remember! You can live forever in people’s heart… But you may be remembered as just “one bitter” person or “that lovely” person!


I want to be remembered as a lovely personality! 


Whenever you have the opportunity to be a blessing to people, never miss it! Be generous with what you have, be full of smile and acceptance and don’t withdraw from helping people when they need you! Be a shoulder people can cry upon! Sometimes that time they needed you might be the only and the last time they’d be needing you! Make it worth it!


Help people with whatever you have even if you’re meeting them for the first time! When I am unable to help people, I cry in the dark! It makes my heart ache! Condition yourself to love people without anything attached. Love can just happen, you can save a life without monopolizing it! You can give someone a future without interfering! You can help people get on their feet without announcing to the world that it was you!


In the future, their Children may be the saviour your Children needs! The world turns around! When you love people, you’re building an empire for yourself! Don’t forget, this is the first and the last command of Jesus!


We are in this world for each other!

Be your brother’s keeper! Be remembered for your humility, your kindness, your acceptance and your love…


What will I remember you for?

What will you remember me for?


I am GracefulGeorge…




Feel free to talk about this! Post your comment here!

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