When you’re attentive to God’s spirit in you, you’ll always know when God is connecting you to the right people! Sometimes, that simple “hi” on Facebook from someone you don’t know may be God leading him or her to you for a purpose! 

That simple “hello” at the shopping mall may be God’s way of connecting you to someone that matters! It may be God at work when you crashed into someone in the hall way! It may be God when someone asked you in the bus “please what is the time by your watch”… 


I know how God has connected me to so many people that are helping me fulfill purpose and vice versa. For some, I was led to chat them up on Facebook. At first there was no response, if I should use the word “snub” it would be offensive… But I thought they snubbed me. After some years, God also led them to chat me up! For other persons, I was led to fix a date and meet with them! For some, we came in contact in meetings! That is God working!


As things are playing out, I see God’s hand in everything! I see why God had established those connections! It is for the purpose of destiny… The purpose of working together to achieve diverse goals!


Don’t feel too big to honour someone’s request of meeting with you! Don’t be too big to respond to people. Don’t let arrogance eat everything God has prepared for you! That person trying to reach you may not be a big name, he or she may not be a celebrity (who cares? We are all celebrity if we learn to celebrate ourselves), he or she may seem like nobody! But perhaps God is taking him or her places!


When next you see an opportunity to connect with people, don’t treat it with light gloves and don’t create a wrong first impression! Even when God leads you to people, He doesn’t force you or them to stay… You work on it! That’s why you have brain and that’s why you should pray for wisdom!


Be attentive to what God is doing!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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