I was supposed to speak in a Church programme on the subject of “GRACE” and the Church leaders including their General Overseer started panicking. They said among themselves “do you know what it means for George to come and preach on Grace? If it’s something else, it’s fine but if it is a well pronounced ‘GRACE’ teaching, we can’t accept it. His words are too controversial.”

I was still persuaded by the organisers of the program to come and teach on the subject of “GRACE” as planned but I personally decided to decline the offer. If the leaders of that Church doesn’t want me to come and preach the gospel, then I am not coming! 


Then I started thinking?

Pastors that tremble at the mention of “GRACE”, are they really pastors of God’s people or are they working for the devil? I concluded that any Pastor who shakes and tremble at the mention of “GRACE” is not yet ready for ministry! I even doubt if they have submitted to Jesus! I wonder if Jesus is their Lord and I wonder what their followers are being fed with! How can you raise saved people without the teaching of God’s grace? (Titus 2:11)


Am I controversial or is my teachings hard? I think it’s not controversial! It’s hard for them and they don’t want to accept it and learn! They don’t want to be taught by “a small boy” who just started yesterday! So they say “it is controversial! They can’t even defend their claims with God’s word! If God’s word is the final authority, then let’s hold on to the word and nothing more!


We preach the Grace of God which passes all understanding (Philippians 4:7). The Grace that teaches us to say no to all forms of ungodliness (Titus 2:12). Is there any Grace that promotes sin? No! Their isn’t! That people use the word “Grace” doesn’t mean they understand it! People answer Grace, others sing about it in songs, people name their businesses, Churches, Schools and organisation with the word “Grace” but that doesn’t mean they understand it!


An average human uses the word “by God’s grace…”, Atheists also let stuffs like that out of their mouth! One person on my list here on Facebook would always call God “sky daddy” and say God doesn’t exist! But one day, he wrote “we are serving a living God” when he was in high spirit as a result of something that happened in his favour! Does that mean he knows God? No! In the same way not everyone who says “Grace” knows what it is!


Jesus came talking about himself and the religious leaders weren’t happy with Him! They wanted to get Him stoned to death because they felt He was being sinners-friendly and yet claiming to be equal with God! Today, the same religious leaders are afraid when “GRACE” is mentioned.


Jesus was in the beginning! Grace started in Eden! God covered the nakedness of Adam and Eve… Isn’t that Grace? God protected Cain who killed his brother, isn’t that Grace?


Let me announce to you….


You can lock up your Churches and prevent us from entering your Church but you cannot lock up the move of God! It is not a new message, it is not a new teaching, it is not a trend, it is not modern Christianity! It is the same God yesterday, today and forever that we reveal!


Jesus is Lord!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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