You think we don’t have blood?

I don’t know about others but I have blood! I feel what others feel.

I have desires like everyone else and I see beautiful people and admire them just like every guy does!


I fall in deep affection for someone who is concerned and kind if we are close for a long time and I am tempted like everyone else to say “I think am beginning to like you”… I am sure I have said that to few persons my entire life!


But I don’t let those things control me, I rather try to take mastery of my emotions and put it to caution whenever it seems to be blowing out! I have desires to be in a relationship, I literally feel I need it sometimes and some other times I smile and say “thank God I am not engaged to anyone yet”. This is because our emotions often fluctuate! Now, if we make decisions when our emotions are high, can we really maintain those decisions when it is low?


I remember vividly how I would swear to kill someone for looking for my trouble when I was little! I would swear to fight and pluck his eyes off but before some minutes I would deny I ever said that! This is because my adrenaline was boiling and now it’s off! When it’s off I will even be the one apologizing to the person who wronged me.


When you tell people how much you love them, will you also repeat that statement in the next five years? Or will you say “well, I felt something for you before but not anymore”. That’s how marriages end up, that’s how relationships go down the deep sea and never float again. It is terrible when people make decisions based on their boiling or bubbling emotions!


Like I said earlier, I have eyes and my body systems are working perfectly fine! Just like everyone else beautiful things gets my attention but I subject myself to serious reasoning before taking actions! Almost every action I took as a result of my emotional state often didn’t work out well! 


In close to 8 years I have avoided being in a relationship because I don’t want to say what I don’t mean! I don’t want to give someone a hope that never exist, I don’t want to promise someone my whole heart when it really don’t belong to her and in the same way I don’t want people to also give me false hope or a heart that isn’t really mine! That’s why I want to take my time and discover what belongs to me and stick to it! That’s why I restrain myself when my emotion is pushing me to act!


Have you been trapped in a wrong relationship? Have you been trapped in a decision you took out of boiling emotions? Have you made terrible mistakes and loose friends because you acted when your anger was on top gear? You can fix up somethings today…. The hurt may be there, the pains and mistakes may take time to clear but it’s better you start clearing them now than managing it to a time you can’t manage anymore!


Let reasoning override emotions! Emotions are very good but be guided in the way you use your emotions! I fall in love too but I decide to fall out and walk in love! 




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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