Don’t be discouraged when the so called big names try speaking against your exploits! Sometimes, they are just so afraid of your rising and they can’t help it but speak against it! They may even literally try to stop you by any means but never let their rants discourage you… Pretend like they don’t exist! If it comes to the point of blocking them from your life so that you don’t get trapped in their strategies of distracting you, do yourself good and block them! You heard me right… Blocking is your right! That you block people off yourself doesn’t mean you hate them, you’re simply guarding your heart jealously against every statements that may discourage you.


When they even ask to see you, you may need to decline their offer! It’s not like you don’t want to make peace with them… You’re aren’t quarreling with them in the first place, you are only blocking your mind from the entrance of things that shouldn’t be there. When you entertain their talks, you may possibly give in to their discouragements. They may tell you why you shouldn’t do the things you do because they don’t want you to continue… Not because they care but because they feel that your continuation will bring an end to their fame… They are feeling very insecure! When they can’t hide it any longer, they come out to criticize you or talk at your back!


Why did Herod ordered the killing of little baby boys? Because he heard a king was born and he felt so insecure! He didn’t want anyone to outshine him! It is people who are self centered that feel insecure! When you know that you’re here on earth for a purpose, you will focus on the purpose of your coming rather than on “who is watching you!”


When some people suddenly begin to fight your vision both with words and other means, you don’t need anyone to tell you that your rising is causing them to panic, they are afraid that your rising will suppress their fame! On many occasions, they fight to be relevant while you’re become relevant while focused on what you’re called to do. On the other hand, they may have started before you, they may feel you shouldn’t outshine them and then they rise up against you with too much hatred and rejection! Well, if you never mind them, their antics will not catch you and you’ll keep moving.


When you hear they said something about you, just smile and keep moving! Don’t mind them.

When you hear they are planning on how to pull you down…. Don’t mind them! Keep moving on! 

They are too insignificant to bother you! They are like ants that you can easily crush with your feet!

Yes, they may be big names… They be influential but they are too insignificant to your destiny. As long as you’re sure you’re running the right race, keep running! Don’t try pleasing them, don’t try looking for their favour! They are useless to your destiny until they swallow their pride, come to you and congratulate you. Don’t even trust all of their congratulations.


Ultimately, trust God and make sure God is the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing and then… Allow God to always respond to them.



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