Believe me, forget fame and discover your purpose! You don’t need to be famous to fulfill purpose! Sometimes, it is in the quest for fame that many get lost. You don’t necessarily need to be known by the entire world… Some people are designed to groom those who will be known by the world! There are kings, and there are king makers! Sometimes, King makers are not popular but without them, there will be no king! Look at our teachers… Sometimes, they train up world icons but they are not popular!


The moment you understand what you are designed to do on earth… You quit your quest for fame! It is good to be famous, but it is best to really fulfill purpose! Look at that young boy that provided fish and bread with which Jesus fed the five thousand! Technically, it was that small boy who fed the five thousand! We don’t even know his name but he fulfilled purpose!


He was where he is supposed to be at the right time! Are you where you are supposed to be? Or are you where you feel your name will be heard?


Many of us joined certain Churches just because we felt that is where our voice will be heard! Many enrolled for an office just because they felt that is where the world can recognize them and celebrate them! Many do a whole lot of things not with respect to their purpose but with respect to their thirst for fame! Some of our singers in Church went secular because they felt that is where the world will celebrate them most! Some of our gospel preachers became secular motivational speakers simply because they want to be celebrated by the world and they don’t want to offend anybody.


I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what you are doing and I don’t know why I am writing to you! If the reason why you are doing what you are doing isn’t because you discovered that is where you are called but rather you just want to be famous… Then, quit now!!! It is not late!


Don’t be a celebrity on earth and be a disappointment to God! Whatever God is leading you into… Trust and obey! David was in the bush when he was located! Joseph was in prison when he was located! Refuse to be distracted by comfort! Break out! Break forth!


Any crazy thing can make you famous and sometimes materially rich! But it takes understanding what you are designed to do and doing it to be fulfilled.


I have seen where I am called… I am moving towards that direction! It doesn’t matter who decides to jump out of our ship!


God bless you!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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