This is a brief overview of my teaching on 5/5/2017 at St. Paul’s Ang. Church on the above topic.


What is power point? It is a socket in a wall for connecting a device to an electricity supply.

Power point is a place of connecting to a power supply. Without this power point, there is no way we can get connected to the supply of power. For a believer in Christ Jesus, we are talking about the supply of the supernatural. It is one thing to be connected and is another thing to remain connected. You may not see electric energy with your eyes, it is the power point that we see and it is at that point that we can experience what electric feels like. You cannot be shocked or get electrically charged when walking on your own! The moment you get yourself plugged into the power point of electricity, you may not survive the electric shock!


Who is our power point? JESUS is our power point.

At that connection point, sin loses its hold because it cannot survive the shock of the divine! No wonder, we die and get buried! We become entirely new in Christ because nothing from the past can survive it!

Jesus connected us to the father and connected the father to us. Jesus is the bridge between humanity and divinity. Jesus united God and man and the Bible declared that as he is, so are we in this world.

Jesus said to this effect “I and my father are one (John 10:30), if you have seen me, you have seen the father (John 14:9). No man comes to God except through me (John 14:6)”


Let us look at the process through which we got ultimately connected to God. This will go a long way in changing how we think and function.


  • Jesus came as a man, in other words, he came as our replacement (1 Peter 3:18). It is no longer we who live but Christ who lives in us. Jesus became us in the sight of God and we became Jesus in God’s sight. God gave Jesus and Jesus got multiplied! Jesus was sown like a seed and we are God’s fruitful harvest.


  • Jesus died as a sinner although he was without sin. In other words, he died in our place (1 Peter 3:18). The law demanded that we get ultimately killed for transgressing it but God had another plan. Because Jesus replaced us, God turned His back on Jesus and allowed Him to carry our burden. Jesus died our death so that we can live His life.


  • Jesus was buried and in other words, our past was buried (Romans 6:4). Our sin and shame was buried with Jesus too! My Pastor, Rev Uzor Jonathan will say “the past is in the tomb and the future is in the womb”. My sin represents my weaknesses, my failures, my ignorance and anything that makes me not to live up to expectation! Our failures as a business men, entrepreneur and of course a minister of reconciliation was all buried with Christ. Believers in Christ have no excuse not to succeed financially, spiritually and otherwise because all their limitations got buried on the day Jesus was buried.


  • Jesus resurrected, in other words, a new creature was made… Jesus became the first born of the entire new creature (1 Corinthians 15:20-23). The big news is that Jesus died and resurrected as born again! He resurrected without my past… He resurrected as a new being! My salvation is found on the death of Jesus and my glorification is found on His resurrection. By His resurrection I became entirely new because God sees Jesus as me! God is seeing a sinless and unlimited Jesus. By the virtue of our power point, we needn’t get frustrated!


  • Jesus ascended into the heaven… In other words, we were spiritually taken to heaven. As Jesus is sitting on his throne at the right hand of the father, it is actually us who are sitting! This is where the connection was finalized! Jesus is our power point. (Ephesians 2:6) We need not be afraid because Jesus promised that He will abide forever! Jesus is the one holding us and He cannot get tired of holding us.


Living below this revelations means that we are instrumental to frustrating the work of the Holy Spirit through us. The Bible says that God works in us to do and to will! This means when we willfully walk away from doing the right thing, we are resisting the work of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit doesn’t force any man into certain things, rather man submits to the Holy Spirit. This has to be reflected not just in our spiritual life but in everything we do! The Holy Spirit is not different from Jesus, the Holy Spirit is not a name, and the Holy Spirit is Jesus! Jesus said he must leave so that the Holy Spirit can come… This is what happened. Jesus went to heaven as a new creature, to present himself and us to the father… He left his spirit with us! No wonder he said “I will be with you, always”. Jesus didn’t just connect us; he made sure we remain connected! One would say that means we receive the Holy Spirit when we received Jesus, yes! That is if you understand it. Sometimes we make mistakes using words to explain what it doesn’t mean. For instance, people don’t receive Jesus to be saved, they believe in Jesus to be saved. However, we often use the word “receive” to mean “believe”. The moment you believe in the finished work of Christ, you receive salvation that has been given! It is not enough to just get saved! For you to live as saved, you need to be powered by Jesus himself so that you can live as Him. That is where the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Jesus comes in! Isn’t it amazing?


The Holy Spirit comes into you so that you can bear fruits as someone who has been saved! In the creation of man, God gave life to man through breath of life! In the creation of the new man, God gave life to the new man through dwelling in him! That is why the bible says “as HE is, so ARE WE”


Still having doubt about the Holy Spirit being Jesus himself in the Spirit?

Jesus showed us the qualities of the Holy Spirit in John 14:16, 17, here we see that the Holy Spirit will abide forever, He is the spirit of truth, the world cannot receive him… These features also got expressed in Jesus. In Matthew 28:20, Jesus abides forever, in John 14:6, Jesus is expressed as the truth and in John 1:10, we see that the world did not receive him. Jesus said


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Act 1:8

This power is only available when you connect to the power point! The point of this connection is the man Jesus! Why? Because the moment we believe in what Jesus did, we have been made ready and compatible for the indwelling of this power! The power is not going to flow through us; it is dwelling and functioning from us! If you have not believed in Jesus nor received the Holy Spirit, you can do that right now by contacting the channel through which you got this teaching!


Glory! Jesus is our power point!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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