When I was in the secondary school, a certain boy would have his parents come to beat up any teacher who dare to flog him. Because of that, teachers were always afraid of him and they never looked for his trouble. There were other students in school who had more crazy parents but they don’t get their parents involved in such matters and therefore they were the ones who lived in fear of the teachers.
The above scenario isn’t a support for interference from parents when teachers are disciplining students. However there is a positive lesson I would want us to learn here in our relationship with God. Many of us live in fear of troubles, fear of lack, fear of failure and all that because we either don’t believe in God’s ever ready strength to save us from every situations of life or we do not just want to get God involved. That boy in my story lived a bold life in school because he was aware his parents have always got his back even when he is guilty! For others, they wouldn’t enjoy the privileges he was enjoying because they didn’t want to involve their parents. In our issues of life, we don’t see God at work when we don’t get Him involved.
In my very much tender age, I had a female friend that suddenly started getting into my head. I couldn’t stay just few minutes out of her sight without having to think of her or even want to speak with her on phone. But I knew she was not right for me as I needed no special revelation to know it. She wasn’t happy with my commitment in Church and she wasn’t happy that I would quote the Bible when trying to prove a point. Yes, all my life I have always not wanted to look and sound religious, till date I try not to! But she wasn’t happy about my commitment in Church; she also wanted us to become sexually active even while she had an ‘official boyfriend’! But I couldn’t just easily let go of her because I was living in the fear of loneliness, I never wanted to stay alone and I felt I may not be able to find comfort and companionship, I had no friends. As a very young person who just felled in love, it was a very important decision for me. While I battled with the fact that she wasn’t for me, I also battled with the fact that she wasn’t really serious with me.
One day, I wanted to pray and I had this strong feeling that God wanted me to say something. I wanted to ask God to find a way of separating us but because of fear, I changed the prayer point and I told God “please find a way of making us closer”. I believed in God’s ability to do what was needed but I didn’t want to get God involved, I wanted to handle it myself. It took me time to make up mind, it really took months and I had to say to God “I know she isn’t right for me but I just can’t handle what I am feeling. Do something about it Lord”. It wasn’t long, she told me we need to stop talking and she also stopped coming around. It was a hard moment for me, it seemed my heart was going to explode but looking back today I keep wondering what was wrong with me.
Sometimes we find ourselves in certain issues and we try to get God out of it because we don’t trust God to handle it well. It can be a problem with business or any other thing. I have seen a young man trading certain things his faith doesn’t accept, he knew it wasn’t right for him and he just didn’t want to follow God’s leading because he was afraid how he is going to be paying his bills if he ever listens to God. Certain students find it difficult to listen to God as He drops words in their mind; they get afraid that listening to God may not hasten their graduation process and they go ahead to sleep with lecturers, commit malpractices and put God behind them. In fact, it is this fear that limits us so much, fear of not getting a very fast answer from God, fear of losing those things we treasure or fear of allowing God disrupts our own plans to get us walk according to His own plans.
God asked Abraham to leave his father and mother to a land he will be shown (Genesis 12:1). No land was shown and no direction was given yet but Abraham was not worried about the problems he will face! It would have been easier if God had said to him “go and conquer the Canaanites and take over their lands.” But it didn’t happen that way. Abraham must have had plans for himself but God disrupted it just for His own plans. Abraham obeyed because he trusted that God isn’t just commanding him to do something, God is with him everywhere he goes.
There might be something you’re holding on to that God is instructing you to leave, but you’re finding it difficult because you feel God doesn’t understand how bad you will feel to let go. If you can understand that God knows your future even before you were born, you will know that you don’t need to be afraid of any outcome.
Some of us are living in anxiety and fear of lack, failures and other issues of life and we don’t want to follow the direction God has given to us because we are afraid that it may not work out too fast, some decides to do it themselves and at the end they still live to regret it. Some couples are made up to divorce but God is asking them to be patient and take it easy between themselves but because they don’t trust God they decide to rush out of that marriage! Some people have devised a means to get out of lack even though God is asking them to do something else but because they fear God may not be too fast they jump ship!
Why do you need to listen to God? God has seen your future before you were made and God has promised to be with anyone who comes to Him. When you understand that God isn’t just asking you to do something, He is with you through the storms, you will relax and put your trust in Him.
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9
God bless you.

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