Some years ago after I graduated from the secondary school, a young boy came to me and handed almost hundred thousand naira to me and asked me to keep the money for him. I was aware it was stolen money, I was aware he shouldn’t be handling such kind of money but I felt it wasn’t my business and I decided to put the money in my new account. I wanted my account to turn green then. It was during that era of the old unsecure ATM cards that people could easily use and steal your funds. Obviously, the entire money disappeared without explanations till date. I didn’t want to get any elder involved because I knew I was wrong for accepting to hold such money for someone. To cut the long story short, the young boy came back for his money and I kept putting up excuses upon excuses. He had to involve so many people including cultists because he thought I was lying. I faced so much pressure that at a point I even wanted to run away from home. For a young person who just came out of secondary school, it was very huge money and I can’t pay back immediately. I took me some years to gradually pay back that money. Even though at a point he never wanted me to pay back again, he had already involved people who came independently threatening me. I made a wrong choice… I had to deal with it!
God created inside of us the ability to make choices and remake choices. That is to say, if we made a wrong choice, we are still permitted to trace where the whole thing got wrong and start making corrections. That you married a wrong partner doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy blissful marriage, besides there is nothing like ‘wrong partner’ label on people’s forehead. It only becomes wrong when the both of you cannot work out the right thing.
There is no law that forbids you from correcting your mistakes, there is no law that can hold you from correcting the wrong things you have done. Or maybe, there are things you cannot correct but you can make other choices that will give you another alternative way of living instead of living in regrets. See, it doesn’t matter if you suddenly realized you are HIV positive, you can still live a positive life with that virus and still make good use of your life! There is no point giving up on yourself because you made a wrong choice in the past. Have you ever thought about the fate of people who are faced with the wrong choices of other persons? Have you seen a sicklier? They are sicklier because their parents made wrong choices of marrying themselves even when they were not compatible by blood. Yet, while they battle to survive, many have made so much impact with their lives talk more of most of us who still have great opportunities!
At one time or another, we all have made wrong choices; the marks of those wrong choices may actually have to be there forever! But it is only when you decide to be looking at it that you may not be able to move on. Lot’s wife couldn’t resist her past, she turned back and was held up in her past, she couldn’t move on anymore. Some made very wrong investments, some lost millions of naira to ponzi schemes, some got pregnant without being ready for it, some aborted their child, some abused a wonderful relationship they had, some moved to a location that almost crippled their advancement, some made wrong career choices, some made wrong friends… Yes, people did all lots of mistakes! But that is not the end of life! There are still millions of right choices to remake and still live happily. The only thing you should pick from your past is lessons… You owe no one any further explanation. Stop looking at the scares and marks of your mistakes; know that you can be better if you want to. Your past doesn’t belong to you anymore because you are living in the tomorrow of your yesterday.
Do you know? Every saint has a past… Not just a past but a terrible past! Perhaps, the mistake you just made is going to be your past if you decide not to live in it! A young married woman told me about her husband’s shortcomings, she told she is fed up with that marriage. After much investigation, I discovered she married someone she wouldn’t have married if she had known him very well but then I said to her “you made a choice, it may have been a wrong choice. But you can decide to live a positive life, pray and keep doing your best to turn him into the man you want him to become. In the end, you will laugh”. She did and it is working out! The biggest mistake people make is that they try to run away from issues that arose as a result of their wrong choices, there may be no shortcuts to making amends. For me, I had to pay back for months or even years before I could come out of that debt. Don’t run, deal with it and never look at it any more.
I don’t know if I have spoken to someone, but if you are reading this and you’ve got issues with your past, it is time you know that those past is part of what Jesus died for! If you have not surrendered to Jesus, you have to do that now. The moment you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus died for all your shortcomings and from henceforth is your Lord and savior, you are saved! Don’t live in regret; don’t live as if you are managing your life! You’re still the best… I mean the very best of your kind.
God bless you!

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