I grew up in a children Church where we are always warned not to make noise or we go to hell, yet we make the loudest noise! After telling us that we are God’s children, they will also tell us the next minute that once we make noise we become Children of the devil. We were also warned against stealing, fornicating and all that! Yet, at times we hear stories that the brother teaching us these things got a sister pregnant! We were asked to “do this and don’t do that” but we got more terrible! We steal with relish and did all manner of wrongs!


Suddenly, we heard a true teaching of God’s word… We heard about Grace. At first, we thought it was a new message. Yes, it was new to us because we were hearing it for the first time. We have always heard the song “amazing grace” but we never understood what it was even though we have scored the song! Some of our Churches even have grace in its brand name and yet we never knew the meaning. We were told about God’s love and we believed. Suddenly, we started seeing changes; we became better and stronger in the faith! Then, we decided to teach these things to others so that they can also become free just as we have become and some people rose against us calling us all manner of names. They say we preach hyper grace, they say we encourage sin and yet they are the ones struggling to cover up all the wrongs they have been doing in the secret! They keep watching out to see someone who teaches about God’s grace do something bad so that they can point fingers at him and accuse him but they do worst things in the secret.


The same way they attacked Jesus because of his teachings; so many people are rising to attack the message of Grace. I have not seen these people attack false practices like “Koboko Night”, “Fire and Thunder Service”, ” Operation kill your enemies” and all that, they have never taken time to attack practices that exalt satan but they attack the teachings and practices that exalts the name of Jesus… The devil is surely not happy because the gospel of Grace is sweeping people out of darkness into God’s marvelous light! That is why he will always fuel attacks on the gospel to see if he can stop the flow but he cannot! The church is marching on and the gates of hell cannot prevail. The bible says that even the elect shall be deceived (Matthew 24:24) because these people attacking the gospel may also be performing signs while some joined them just because they are looking for favor.


I noticed something about people who make it their business to attack the gospel of grace, they suddenly become very legalistic even when they deny they are! They suddenly start teaching the law in a baptized language.


I said it in one of my articles and I will say it again, there is nothing like Hyper-Grace, it is like saying that there is something greater than the Grace we already know! If people are not preaching the gospel, it is not grace. Stop insulting the Grace of our Lord Jesus! Whether you add hyper to it or not, God’s grace is His grace and nothing can change it.


Are you blind? God’s grace empowers us to say no to all forms of ungodliness, once you introduce this grace to people, allow it to take its course. People say that the core teaching of Grace gives people license to sin as if people started sinning the day they had the gospel. Nobody needs license to sin, people became sinners from birth! How then can you say people started sinning because they heard the gospel of Grace? Grace is not a teaching, a subject, a topic, a theme or whatever classification, Grace is the gospel in its entirety.


If you are not preaching grace, you are not preaching the gospel. The gospel of grace does not mean any teaching that has a mention of Grace in it. You don’t even need to hear the word grace for you to know that grace is been preached.


If you are in the business of attacking grace, continue! I am saved by Grace and I am sustained by Grace. The law is asking us to do something, Grace says it is done! We act right because we love God, we do not act right to gain God’s love.




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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