Today, I had series of things I needed to do and places I needed to go to. I was sure that with few litres of fuel that wouldn’t cost me a fortune, I would be going to all of those places much faster, easier and honorably if I had my own car! Yes, I have always wanted a car especially when I go out and the sun is too much, then I will sigh and say to myself “if only I have a car… with AC”. Today, it wasn’t the sun that reminded me how much I needed a car, it was the rain. Not because I was going to be hit by it but because I would still do all I wanted to do today if I had a car. I had people waiting for me at the office, I had few works to deliver at different locations, I had to go to the bank and make withdrawals so that I can foot bills of what I was going to be spending in certain projects… I looked at myself and said “hey George, you need to start making real plans” it has become a need and not a luxury.
What about praying in faith and believing God for a car? Oh! That’s a beautiful idea! But many people have abused this truth by thinking that God will reward their laziness. No, it doesn’t work that way, God doesn’t reward laziness, He blesses the works of our hands. When I pray and believe God for a car, then I will have to go out there and also work in faith believing that God will surely bless the works of my hands and then I can purchase a car! God can also send a car my way without me having to spend a dime but that can only come in a place of responsibility! Money is not value; value brings money and may also bring other things! When you are doing something tangible consistently, God blesses you through that. If I confess a car from now till eternity while sleeping away my time, I will die on my bed with those confessions on my lips!
So many times, believers think that they will get blessed because they shouted a “believing thunderous amen!”, they think they will be blessed because they attended “business breakthrough!”, it is like a man who attends business seminars without really applying all he has learnt in the reality! Let me say it again and now, with a scriptural backup
“The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.” Deut. 28:12
Let me quickly say this “prayer is not an excuse for laziness!” when you pray and believe that you have received it, let your attitude towards your career also show it. Paul said to believers in 2 Thessalonians 3:12
“For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”
Do you see that? You have to consciously sit down and draw plans on how to become financially responsible! Yes, when you are doing this, you should also trust God to bless the works of your hands. It may take some time but you must be consistent to show that you know what you are doing. Every big name today started from the scratch. Every great mansion started from the foundation, it started with just one shove of the sand and continued till the great and mighty building got to that point. God isn’t promising you magic, if God does magic for us then the world will not be a sweet place! The sweetest part of a success story is the stories of how you started… Don’t you want to tell your own stories?
Okay, I need a car but can’t get a car just because I need it! Even if I shout amen like thunder hundred times, I will not get a car if I do not work towards it. Even if someone should give you a car gift, you must have added value worth more than a car to him or her! I think it’s time to stop shouting “amen like thunder” and start working! If you have a skill, take it serious. Go to offices, give them your card, talk about your business to people, get an office, create your website and keep doing things that will announce you. It may be a Google search that will link a great man who needs your services to you; it may be a social media hash tag… Whatever it is you are doing, always believe that God has blessed you!
Start small with big dream! You will surely get there!
God bless you!

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