A question was asked “if you have the opportunity to save only one person between your mother and your wife, who will you save?”
Here is a response I made in an opinion that suggested “mothers over wives”. I respect every opinion and aren’t making this post as an attack but to get my view and reasons behind my views to a wider audience…
Such situations will not happen… Amen.
But come to think of it, your supposed wife is also a mother to your children. They will never forgive you if you had the ability to save their mother and you decided to save your own mother first. Why marry in the first place when it isn’t “for better for worse”. Wives are mothers too and in marriage, it has become a world between I and my wife. Nobody has the ability and the capacity to come between I and my wife. Even God doesn’t come between people’s marriage but he can put a man against his father and a daughter against her mother just to fulfill a purpose. God said to Abraham “leave your father’s house to the land I will show you” and not “leave your wife!”. Like earlier noted, such situations will not and cannot happen to me even in the example.
Have you forgotten how mothers prepare special cuisine for their husbands while the kids lick their lips and manage watery soups? If it never happened to you, it happened to us! Sometimes, mum would cook meat and vegetable sauce just to welcome Dad from work. Every morning then, Dad would be served “creamy choco drink” and well buttered and egged bread while we manage a watery tea without sugar! Why am I saying this? I am trying to say that even as mothers, women always understand their office in the home and they always understand that their husbands matter so much! My mum always wanted to make Dad feel loved and she did! Did she made us feel loved? Well then, we never even knew what it was to feel loved… Even after drinking watery tea without sugar we still had to say “Thanks mum!”
So… There is this thing wives can only do and we didn’t marry hoping to marry again. We got married hoping to live forever!
Its my opinion though.

Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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